Friday, November 7, 2014

Hazel: 4 months

Hazel spends most of her day watching Miles.  She loves to see what he's doing and be as close to the action as possible. She rarely cries these days, but when she does it's most likely because she has lost sight of her brother. She reserves her best smiles for him. 

Here is a little size comparison.  She is catching up! Her head is just as huge as his was as a baby, and I'm confident it's not finished growing. On a side note, I hate my Samsung Galaxy 5.  I would give anything to get my iPhone camera back.  Live and learn.

 I don't want you to think Hazel's affection for Miles is one-sided. He loves her too. Here he is cradling her chin, smiling at her. She is one lucky gal to have such a sweet big brother.

Here they are first thing in the morning. Miles is always super excited to see that Hazel is still around when he gets up  It's safe to say, she puts up with him 'loving' her, very well.

Our girl recently had to get some new clothes because she is SO long. She can wear 3-6 month clothes as long as they don't have feet. Her pj's are 9 months in order to not crunch her toes. This is why she is frequently photographed in her brother's old pajamas.


 I am pretty excited to see what her official stats are when we go in for our 4 month check up next week. This girl is on the move. Watch out world!