Friday, September 30, 2016

Fall 2016 Update

Well hello Fall, 2016. So somehow moving back to Missouri, to our place and our people has increased our social schedule a bit. And we love it. All 4 of us. This poor little blog has fallen to the side and been replaced by actual social interaction. Anyways you both have kept growing.  You still are crazy about each other. You never fight. I mean it, never. Miles, you always share with your sister and include her in your games. Hazel, you think your brother is the best in the world. You ask for him each morning. 

You both started preschool this fall.  You go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-1. Hazel, you love your teacher. Miles, you love learning letters. You both are always excited when I tell you in preschool day. I love the things you are learning and that your teachers send home newsletters about what you do each day.

We also bought you a house. Yes, a real house with a back yard. You have your own rooms, a basement, and pretty much as much room as you want to run around. We are so happy you will have a home to look back on in your childhood. We can't wait for you to grow into it. Boy, was it a lot of trouble to house shop with your dad! 

Hopefully I can get back on board with updating more than seasonally, but if not, know your mom was too busy being with you than writing about it. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hazel -18 months


I'm not sure when you turned into a toddler, rather than a baby but it definitely happened. You can do so many things that catch me off guard, I guess in my mind you are still a baby.  You love to play peek-a-boo, blow kisses, wave hi and bye, and give high fives.  You love to roar like a dinosaur and race cars fast with your brother. You rock and kiss babies and wrestle with your Pops. You are the perfect mixture of sweet and tough. 
 You mimic everything. The other day I heard you saying 'one, two' over and over. You don't have any idea what counting is, but you know the words go together. You can repeat almost anything I ask you to say. Your favorite words are: shoe, yah!, and no.
You are so silly. You have the best laugh and are pretty ticklish. Your eye sparkle when you are excited and get dark when you are angry. You do not like to be forced to do things you don't want to do. And when your mind is made up, watch out.  

 You are 21 lbs. You have 10 teeth. You love all food. You also love dogs. The more they lick you the more you like them. You like to dance when you hear music and clap when songs are over. You enjoy 'playing' the piano with your dad.  You still have your favorite people: Mama, Grammy, Granny Nina, Gramma, and Hannah.  But you have finally decided that you don't hate bible class.
Hazel Lane, you are everything I would have picked out for a daughter, you complete our family.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hazel's Health Department Visit

I feel like a lot happened today.  My kids just get more and more funny each passing day. I need to record it because I will not remember it next week.

First, today we took my in-laws to the airport to catch their plane for Florida. On the same day that it snowed 5 inches. Guess who took a fall before we even left the driveway. Yes. Me. Luckily I wasn't carrying any toddlers. So my left shoulder and hip are a little sore from getting personal with the driveway. After we dropped Grammy and Papa off, we needed to go get Hazel's shots. We missed our 15 month shots due to moving from OK to MO and the insurance mess that ensued. So we are finally insured in Missouri and went to get the shots at the local health department.  Our appointment was at 10 am, but we were done at the airport at 8:30, so I called and asked if we could come early.

We arrived and got checked in.  The first thing I noticed where on all her forms they had printed "William Hazel L Howard.  Do not even ask me where they got the William from. Maybe it was on the document they edited to make Hazel's name sticker? I had to have them change it. We got into the room and they started going over Hazel's shots that she needed (5) which I already knew. My motto::Just get them over with. Then they talked me into getting her a flu shot as well.  Then they explained Miles and I needed flu shots and could get them today, aka, right then.  Now in the car I had told Miles he wasn't getting any shots. So while I tried to decide how to break it to the two year old with the memory of steel, I filled out more paper work for Miles and I.

I got my shot first as an example.  They chose my right arm, to insure I had both arms sore.  Because, it's not like I carry around two 20lb toddlers every day. Next, Miles got to get his 'flu mist'.  While they were trying to instruct my two year old how to 'sniff' they asked what his favorite food is.  He said, very confidently,  'Sushi'. So then I had two nurses saying. 'sniff like you are smelling sushi' over and over. It felt as ridiculous as it sounds.

Next Hazel got her plethora of shots. They were nice enough to spread them out between all four of her appendages. She was so angry that they were holding her down, she didn't even cry.  After I got her clothes back on her and sat her up she told the nurses 'thank you'.  They weren't sure what to make of that.

Lastly, the nurses decided to give my children stickers. I picked out a Doc McStuffins one for Hazel and Miles picked out a weird cartoon-y looking owl. The nurse asked him where he would like it. he held his fist out and said 'knuckles please'.  They looked puzzled and asked where he learned that word.  I told them, we call body parts by their names. They didn't ask any more questions.

Then we went to Gramma's to sled. *See photos*