Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hazel's 10th week/Miles first illness

It has been ten days since Hazel's two month appointment.  So she's been on the probiotic the doctor recommended for a little over a week. She is a new woman!  Now, I'm not sure if it is due to the fact that she is getting older, that the side effects of her shots have worn off, or that probiotic. I really don't care. No complaints here! Her fussiness has pretty much disappeared. No more 2-3 hours in the evening fighting a crying baby! Yippee! She even gave us some more smiles this week. I think she is excited too!

Poor Miles woke up Wednesday with a fever, snot everywhere, a red face, and a sour attitude. Now if you've ever been around Miles you would know he usually isn't Mr. Grumpy. So I took his temperature, started the humidifier, and found my Nose Frida. I also put a call into our doctor because there's this nasty respiratory virus in the news.

He didn't have much of an appetite all day, but he did down a couple cups of pumped breast milk. Good thing I have 400 extra ounces in my freezer.  We did see the doctor at 5 pm after I described to the nurse what his symptoms. (He weighed 24.5lbs) It was more of a proactive visit than a treatment visit.  His ears/sinuses/throat/chest all checked out just fine! He is feeling better this today and his fever has broke.  I've given up on trying to keep him away from Hazel. It was a huge battle yesterday, so today he wants to be near her all the time.  Just building her immune system early.
I also have been keeping myself busy during nap times crocheting. Laugh it up. Here are Miles and Hazel's winter hats.

Friday, September 12, 2014


I fed two babies.
I cleaned two babies.

I played with two babies.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

This last weekend was Labor Day.  Trevor was lucky enough to have the whole weekend off work! So we did what was usually do when presented with time off: Drove to Missouri.  This weekend we drove in our new (to us) van! I have to say, sitting in a nice comfy bucket seat with plenty of room for our 2 carseats and luggage was a welcome change. I love our Ford Focus, but it is
squish-tastic when it come so to traveling. Here is a photo of me with my new ride. It is a 2003 Dodge Caravan for those who care about that sort of thing.
Here is the inside of the van. This picture was my first solo outing with the kids in the van.  It turned out well. We got groceries without any major fits. How I've missed going to the grocery store during the day. I hate that it's so packed in the evenings.
Back to Labor Day- We crammed a lot into the three days we were at home. We took Hazel and Miles to see my grandparents in KC.  M & H are the 22nd and 23rd great-grandchildren. I love my grandparents and don't get to see them often, so it was a nice day.

We also spent time with our parents, went to church, and swam at the Hefleys!

We left full of gratitude for the people in our lives! We can't wait to move back this summer!



Hazel: 2 month well visit


Today we had your two month well visit. Yesterday I took you and your brother with me to my follow-up visit from birthing you.  You and your brother were in a stroller while I got a 'female parts check-up'.  Comparing that visit with your doctor's visit today, I would take the female check up 10 times.  You did nothing but cry the whole time.  While this is normal for you, it stresses me out when we aren't at home.  Add to it your brother in the stroller and trying to keep him entertained... it was a long 45 minutes. I'm sure everyone in the doctor's office was just as happy as I was when we left.

The doctor checked you over, despite your screaming.  You are growing well! You are over 11 lbs and 23 inches long. Your head is 15 inches. You are healthy which we are thankful for.  We also got a nice parting gift of a DVD about crying.  I never knew such a DVD existed, but the doctor pulled it right out and gave it to me. At least I'm not crazy for thinking you cry a lot. It's now documented in your baby chart at the pediatrician. By the time it was time for your shots, you had cry so much you were tired and went to sleep.  When the nurse gave you the 3 shots for today, you looked at her like, 'how dare you wake me up'.

You are something else. I hope one day your fun personality over-shadows what an fussy newborn you are.

We love you anyway. Sorry there are no cute baby pictures of you laying on the exam table, you were shrieking and I didn't think of it.