Saturday, April 11, 2015

9 Month Hazel/ 23 Month Miles

There is a reason I have been a terrible blogger. I have recently changed my primary email address. My old email address is connected to blogger, so I have to sign out of my new gmail account and into my old one to post. It is so annoying to do that. Therefore, the updates have been more spread out than I would like them. So it seems another month has passed.

Also, I have been busy helping with a local co-op here in Tulsa. I really love seeing the behind the scenes work of a co-op and I LOVE the great deals.  So when I jump on the computer for a minute during the day it is to enter a mobile order or fix a spread sheet.

I took Hazel to the doctor last week for her 9 month check up. She was exactly 18lbs. She was 28 inches long. Her head was 18 inches around. She is healthy and doing great. She can say 'dada' when asked and also says ba ba ba at random times. She doesn't say anything related to mama. I have tried to tell her it's her best bet at getting things she wants, but she doesn't believe me. Girl is stubborn.  She can pull up and move herself where ever she wants to go, without crawling.  She rocks back and forth on her hands and knees but prefers rolling as her method of movement. She has decided she likes bottles and loves to feed herself people food. She has grown out of all of her 6-9 month clothing and now wears 12 month. I find it a lot harder to get rid of her and Miles' clothes these days. Don't get me wrong I do not want any more babies..the clothes are just so cute.

Miles had Hazel have started playing together more. Their favorite game is Miles hides behind things and pops out. It makes Hazel laugh, so he does it over and over and over. Seeing them interact makes my mama heart happy.  It also frees up time for me to pack. I feel like I just got unpacked. But we are here again, move #9 as a married couple. Missouri, here we come (again). Hopefully this time we will get to stay longer than the last time we moved back. (Move #2:: 3 months)

The kids had a great Easter and next weekend is Miles' birthday party, followed by him turning 2 on April 23rd. Trevor graduates Pharmacy School on May 9th and we move home on May 28th. The next month and a half are sure to be crazy, but we wouldn't want it any other way!