Sunday, October 23, 2011

insert cute picture here:

I went home for fall break::::insert picture of beautiful changing leaves

I got to see my nephew David, whom I'm call D-man or Davido. We bought him a train whistle since he loves Thomas the train.::::insert picture of David running around with his new whistle with no pants on

I got to see my niece Kaia, whom I call Kai-Kai or girlfriend. She is turning into a real cutie, but she spits up...a lot... ::::insert picture of her nailing Uncle Trevor with spit up, all while smiling

I got to spend the day at Silver Dollar City with our friends, the Borches. :::insert 2 happy couples screaming their heads off on rollar coasters

I got to have a family dinner on Friday with both of our parents :::insert a family picture of the Howards and Rumkers

I had a wonderful fall break::insert a picture of Samson and Ezra super excited to see us when we returned.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I should know by now...

....don't save grading for the last minute.

said from under the giant stack of math papers,
Mrs. H

Saturday, October 8, 2011

things I've learned in retail

This whole Pharmacy Tech job is my first job in the retail/service side of things. I've never worked at a store/resturant/the like. I've learned a few things.

1. People apologize and don't mean it. I say sorry for things that I know nothing and care nothing about, I say exactly what it takes to make people happy again
2. If it falls on the floor and no one sees it, it didn't really fall on the floor
3. People do the minimum needed to not get in trouble by their immediate supervisor
4. It's high school all over again with the talking behind people's backs
5. People smell bad
6. People don't really listen the first time causing you to repeat everything
7. No one thinks their name is hard to spell
8. I don't make enough money to clean bathrooms
9. We lie by ommission all the time
10. It's never something I would do the rest of my life

I find it interesting...

I've worked in the Pharmacy for a little over a month now. In this time a lot of people who also work there, Interns (people in Pharmacy school), and the actual Pharmacists ask me how I like it.

This ALWAYS leads to them asking me why not pursue it?

Before I have a chance to answer they site reasons like a paycheck, my intelligence, and multi-tasking skills. I guess I've caught on to all the ins and outs a little quicker than most new hires. In a world where money=success and value, there is not a word I can say to convience any of them that teaching is a profession equal to that of pharmacy.

But then...they don't know this little guy.

Yes, I may earn 1/4 of their salary, but I know I make 4x the difference. Because of me, he has a chance to go to Pharmacy school if he wants. And that's a resonsibility I don't take lightly.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The hardest thing

The hardest thing about working two jobs is having enough time for everything. It's making sure my students don't get shorted because I don't have as much time as usual.

Well I'm happy to report all is going well is 5th grade and I took a few pictures of what we've been up to. I'm not sure if I've explained my new role completely, but I'm teaching 5th grade at HP. (The same school I taught 3rd grade at last year). I teach all three fifth grade classes Math. I also teach my homeroom writing. It's the best gig! It's really the only way I could have time to work a second job! When I say it's my dream job... it aint no lie!

This is my homeroom class. They are really just the best. I can't say enough about their attitude, behavior, and respect as a group. This is about half of them. We were writing outside to practice using sensory words in our descriptive writing. It was a fun outing!

This is Mrs. R's homeroom in my math class. We were doing a Math Lab using M&Ms and Hot Cheetos. The skill was measuring and converting metric units. It went over well. Mrs. R's class is the most challenging of my 3. There are very strong personalities in there. They are very much in each other's business ALL THE TIME! ....such is 5th grade I guess...