Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Miles at 1 Year

A year ago I was chilling on bedrest, bored, and so ready to meet our boy.  A year later, I couldn't be more proud of the person he is growing in to.  He has a smile for everyone, contemplates everything carefully, and is always willing to hug my face.

Some words he says: Dada, Mama, Papa, 'Gog' (dog), na-na-na (No)

He always shakes his head 'yes' to indicate that he wants something, or more of something.

He can roar like a lion when asked, or at random times during the day.

He always touches objects with just his pointer finger first, before he goes for it with his whole hand.

When we read books he likes to point to things on the page so I can say what it is. He could do this for hours.

He can move from his stomach to his bottom and back down.  He can pull up in his crib.


He can cruise along the couch and walk holding on to hands.  He likes to stand independently and play.  He can get on his hands and knees, but refuses to crawl.

He laughs and giggles easily. His big belly laughs are reserved for Samson and Ezra.  Yesterday, after I gave Samson a bath I was drying him off with a towel, and Miles thought this was so funny.

Miles loves the water and taking baths.

He loves his blankies and won't sleep without one by his face.  He knows how to put himself to sleep in his crib for bedtime and naps.

He is a champion eater, I haven't found anything yet he doesn't like.

He just got his 3rd tooth. He now has the two bottom middle, and the top left.

(GOOD LUCK getting a photo of those teeth)

He only falls asleep on his dad.
He can make one great 'duck face'
We think he is one cool dude and couldn't be prouder of him!
Happy first birthday sweet boy! We are so glad you are ours. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Miles the artist//Hazel @26 weeks

 I dislike Saturdays. Mostly because Trevor is gone from 10am-9pm and it's LONG day alone with Miles with no car, and as of yesterday, no cable. I saw a non-toxic paint recipe on a friend's facebook the other day, and even though her son's a year older than Miles, I thought I would give it a try.  After all, it's never too early to start letting him have sensory experiences, right? So off we set with three colors and a blank sheet of paper. You can see at the beginning he was a bit reserved. *I had taken his shirt off to avoid a huge mess-- I now realize I should have taken his pants off as well*

Then I took the blue paint, and gave him the yellow....
Then I set the yellow out of the way and gave him the red. As you can see, he already had as much on his pants as he did on the paper.
At this point, I knew a bath was in order, so I just let him have all the paints he wanted. Then he figured out if he would just dump the paint on the paper, it would be more efficient. 
This was Miles as I scooped him up to put him in the bathtub. I mean, who doesn't take a bath at 10:30 am?  The flour/water/food coloring mixture washed off him very easily and after all that excitement he took a great nap!
Week 26: Hazel is just as feisty as usual this week. I have been having some hip pain for a month or so, and when I asked my doctor about it he suggested I see a chiropractor. So last Monday, I did. I have to say, I would have rather spent the money on a massage. He adjusted my neck, back, and hips, so he says. I guess I was excepting them to pop or something. I left the office with a head-ache. I haven't noticed a difference with my hip, better or worse, so I won't be going back. I found a new OBGYN in Tulsa that I have my first appointment with on May 12. I'm hopeful that he will want to do an ultra-sound so we can see our girl again. The nurse on the phone said the initial appointment will take 2 hours! I have no idea what they are going to do that long.  Below is a picture of Hazel's favorite pastime, which I call-- try to break out of mom's stomach--. This is a regular thing for her. It only makes me slightly worried about her 2s, 3s, and teenage years.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

4/1/14 update

Miles is taking strides in his own movement-- so far he's discovered that be really likes the spinning toy on his walker. HA! I've had a nice talk with him an told him, whenever he's ready to start crawling or walking, I'm more than ready. He is getting heavy!
Miles has also been practicing is duck face. Since it's all the rave these days, he's trying to get a head start. I have to say, it's a pretty cute duck face. 

Here's my only proof there's a baby growing in me, other than a few ultrasounds. Sorry Hazel, this is as good as it gets. (25 weeks)

Miles has really taken to the dogs lately. He loves them. (Please excuse the medicine in his hand, he is currently into things that rattle, and this fits his hand perfectly. There is a safety cap on, and he's closely monitored.)
 Lastly, we are starting to have some great sunny days. Miles loves rocking his new sunglasses. We finally found a pair big enough for his giant head!