Friday, September 30, 2016

Fall 2016 Update

Well hello Fall, 2016. So somehow moving back to Missouri, to our place and our people has increased our social schedule a bit. And we love it. All 4 of us. This poor little blog has fallen to the side and been replaced by actual social interaction. Anyways you both have kept growing.  You still are crazy about each other. You never fight. I mean it, never. Miles, you always share with your sister and include her in your games. Hazel, you think your brother is the best in the world. You ask for him each morning. 

You both started preschool this fall.  You go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-1. Hazel, you love your teacher. Miles, you love learning letters. You both are always excited when I tell you in preschool day. I love the things you are learning and that your teachers send home newsletters about what you do each day.

We also bought you a house. Yes, a real house with a back yard. You have your own rooms, a basement, and pretty much as much room as you want to run around. We are so happy you will have a home to look back on in your childhood. We can't wait for you to grow into it. Boy, was it a lot of trouble to house shop with your dad! 

Hopefully I can get back on board with updating more than seasonally, but if not, know your mom was too busy being with you than writing about it. :)