Sunday, June 30, 2013

Humble Pie (weeks 8-9)


You've been serving up one piece of humble pie after another lately.  As someone who has cared for babies and children the better part of half of my life, you stump me.  You are by far the fussiest baby I've ever cared for.  You cry about 80% of the time during feedings.  You hate getting burps stuck and scream until they come out!  This is counter productive because screaming causes you to swallow more air.  I try to tell you this, but you are crying so loud I'm sure you can't hear me.

You've had a busy couple of weeks.  It started out with trip to Missouri, with intentions of heading to NY to see your Aunt Tai and Uncle Michael and cousins, David and Kaia.  Well, Pops got a kidney stone so you spent lots of time with Grammy and Papa. 

We came back to Oklahoma to pick Suzanne up from the airport.  I wonder when you will really figure out that Suzanne gave birth to me, like I gave birth to you.  But your Gramma is my mom, like I'm your mom.  We have decided that Suzanne will be your Nana.  She thinks your pretty cool.  The main development when she was visiting is that you decided you were done with bottles.  You've been breastfeeding 99% of the time since. 
Then we went back to Missouri to house sit.  You got to swim some more. Here you are before and after.

Probably the most notable thing that happened this week is that you started flashing us smiles.



And it looks good on you!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week 7



Most of the time when I decide to take your picture I envision what your future wife will want in your wedding slide show.  Then I wonder if people will even have slide shows at their weddings in 25 years.  (yes I'm planning on you being at least 25 when you get married)  You are such a good sport when it comes to me taking your pictures, riding in the car, going different places.  You are filling out your cheeks, legs, and arms.

You have the most adorable double chin. This week you grew eyebrows and longer eye lashes!  You have wrinkles around your arm pits, elbows, neck, and one side of your forehead.  When I see your adorable little baby armpits I can't fathom the day where they will smell like goats. The reason your shirt is unbuttoned is because when it was buttoned it swallowed up your neck.


I can't wait until you smile on purpose.  You smiled unknowingly and giggle when you are sleeping. You are much more aware lately of who is holding you.  You don't really enjoy waking up and not recognizing who's got you.  You are happiest when you are being held or in the baby carrier.  You are still only sleeping 3.5-4 hour stretches at night.  You are on a loose schedule because we've traveled so much. Once dad starts school again we will be more predictable. 

In a few days you will be 2 months old.  I can't believe you've been around 56 days.  It has flown by, but we try to treasure every moment.  That's sometimes difficult to do when you are awake 3 times in a night, or you are screaming for apparently no reason.  We are learning together, and you are patient with us, most of the time.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week 6

You are 6 weeks old and quite the little man.  You have such a fun personality.  You chatter and make noises most of the time you are awake.  Maybe it's from listening to me teach for 9 months.  You think it's normal to talk all day.  Another side-effect of you listening to me talk all day in my stomach, you expect me to talk to you all day now.  You get upset when you don't hear my voice.  It proves to be a problem some times when others are holding you or I have to leave the room.

You are still our little 'Bubula'.  I hope someday you won't hate this nickname.  You also are known as 'Rootie, Tootie Sticky Booty'.  You are getting really good at controlling your neck. You are awake as much as you are asleep. You still hate swinging in your swing.  You like your rock and play, boppy, and most of all your baby carrier. You also are doing great making eye contact. You can turn your head the way you hear noise coming from.  You love to be read to.

You are getting ready to leave for our big car trip to New York.  I'm a little worried about you riding in the car that long. You seem to get gas bubbles in your stomach when you are in your car seat for extended periods of time.  We love you more each day!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weeks 4/5

My summer school classes begin today, so naturally It's the perfect time to blog.  We had an eventful week 4/5 with not one, but two trips to Missouri.  I also started Miles' baby scrapbook with a lot of help from our friend, Kim. 

* You now eat 3 oz of breastmilk every 3 hours.
* You almost fit the 0-3 month outfits and perfectly fit the newborn outfits
* You had your first real outdoor experience
* You had your first taste of severe weather
* You peed and pooped on your dad in the same day
* You broke (unofficially) the 8lb mark
* You met your Great Uncle Kenny and Great Aunt Melanie
* You started staying awake for over an hour at a time
* You still love tummy time and can hold your head up and turn it

* You took Howard family pictures with all 10 Howards.
* You bravely agreed to be stacked on your energetic cousin, Connor

* You are starting to grin at random times, although you still don't do it on purpose
* You had a growth spurt that made you more fussy and tired and hungry than normal.

Here's to sleeping longer during week 6! We love you Bubula.