Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 33- Spring Break

We spent the last week in Missouri with our parents and friends.  It was a wonderful last visit home as a family of two.  We were most definitely spoiled.

We had a shower at the church we grew up at (and still consider 'our church') on Sunday the 17th.  I can't wait until we get to move back to Missouri and attend regularly.  It's at the top of why we want to move back home. 
 A view around the room. Lots of these ladies have known Trevor and I our entire lives.
Trevor and I opening gifts
My dad, "Pops" signing Miles' baby quilt
The cake...yum!
On Monday we went to get a 3d/4d ultrasound so our parents could check out Miles.  He was very active, as usual, but refused to move his hands away from his face. What a punk! We also got to see hair on the 2d part of the ultrasound! 

On Wednesday we drove up to Jefferson City to see my cousin VRUM and have her snap a few pictures of us and the bump known as Miles. After a few minor setbacks and sub-zero temperatures she captured our family of 2 1/2. 

If you want to see the rest of the shoot click HERE
We also got to see all my grandparents and most of Trevor's extended family as well as some friends.  It was a relaxing week.  We can't wait for Miles to meet all the awesome people in our lives!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

week 31

Week 31:

I went to the doctor on Monday.  I have gained a total of 14 pounds.  Miles' heartbeat was still in the 160s.  I was a little suprised that he didn't do more then listen to the heartbeat.  I was expecting some sort of measuring or something.  I talked to him a little about my birth plan.  He seemed supportive which is a relief. 

I start going to the doctor every other week now.  At week 35/36 I start going weekly.  That brought me to when would be my last day of school.  I asked him about when he would recommend I be finished teaching.  I explained to him how since I won't be returning, if I don't use my maternity leave I lose it.  Also, at school I'm over an hour away from the hospital.  Not to sound whiney, but teaching all day is physically demanding.  I'm still very up for it now, but I'm not sure how I'll feel in 5-6 more weeks. He told me to name my date and he'd write the orders.  More good news!

I think Miles is too big to turn over inside my stomach.  I mostly feel him bumping around in there, sometimes in more than one spot at once.  I'm excited to go home for spring break in a few weeks so my mom can feel him in there.  That's the last traveling we'll be doing until after the birth.  The doctor seems to think I need to stay a little closer to home.  Go figure.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Maternity Pictures.

I think maternity pictures are hokey.  I mean, for real. Isn't the point of pictures to capture life.  To me, this means people shouldn't pose in pictures in ways they don't act in real life.

I have a hard time believing anyone stands half naked and somberly looks at their pregnant body.  When I'm without a shirt I'm more likely looking for stretch marks.

What father-to-be is going to grab a magic marker and write a note to his soon to be born baby on the mom's stomach? Not my husband.

The ever popular, "whose stomach is bigger" pose.

This web page is entirely dedicated to ridiculous maternity pictures

So when I started thinking about capturing this time in Trevor and my life, I set out on a search for maternity pictures that were tasteful and natural.  It was difficult.  Trevor and I aren't a big 'lets smooch for the camera couple'.  (no offense to those who are)  So over spring break my awesome cousin Valeri is going to take some shots.  I'll make sure an post them after that happens. Maybe that will change my opinion of pregnant person photography.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 30

I'm already kicking myself for not writing more about this pregnancy.  Not that I think Miles will care one tiny little bit.  I remember myself asking friends who had been pregnant about when certain things happened and them being able to kinda tell me. Now I'm getting those questions.. when did you start showing? When could Trevor feel the baby? When did you get more energy....and I can sort of remember.

I can not believe we are into the final countdown of single digit weeks.  9 weeks, 4 days? Although, my great friend Delivery Nurse Mandy, told me if I make it to 38 weeks I'm golden.  I'm hoping/praying/telling the universe that Miles WILL be a small baby THEN get glorious and chubby.  So if you see me trekking around the neighborhood with a bottle of caster-oil at 38 weeks, that's why.

I go to the doctor Monday for my 31 week appointment and I'm hoping he'll tell me when my last day at school can be.  Goal: Don't go into labor at school.  I also am already waddling from my classroom to the office as few times each day as humanly possible.  Seriously, my students do 3/4 of my errands and I love it.  I'm also excited/nervous at the fact that I'm not going to teach next year.  I wonder how I'll feel next fall when all my teacher friends are getting their classrooms geared up. A lot of praying and penny pinching and my plan is to be home cleaning our house, reading books to Miles, and spending more time with Trevor as he finishes his last year of classes before his Pharmacy rotations.

Public Announcement: I don't care how you give birth.  Choose a c-section, all the (legal) drugs you want, push that baby out at home. I don't give one iota.  Why do other woman care so much about how others give birth? You got that baby there, you get it out. Seems easy.

I've been finding out more and more awesome people who I know will be giving birth in 2013.  I think it's going to be a good year to be born.  Miles will be in some very good company.  I felt more excited about their baby news then my own.  (Probably because I was in shock that it happened so fast) Anyway, take comfort world, 2013 is going to be a good year of kiddos.