Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What I want to remember::Oct 2015

Miles calls bracelets, 'biscuits'.

He says 'It broken' about anything that isn't working how he wants it to.

He tells Hazel 'No Hazel', and points his finger at her when she is doing something she shouldn't.

He says 'No thanks' when he doesn't want to do what I ask him.

He calls all drinks, Coke or Milk. **disclaimer, he doesn't drink Coke.

He has the words 'on' and 'off' confused. He will hold up his foot with his shoe and sock, and ask us to take his shoe on.

He will tell us when he is ready for a nap.

He will tell us when he is ready to leave some where by pointing the direction our vehicle is parked saying 'bye bye, car'

Any time we pull into the church parking lot he yells 'Jesus!'

He know his friends' names.

He loves to give hugs, especially to Hazel.

He calls us: Mama, Daddy, and Hazel and he usually has to try all three names on the person he is talking to, to get to the correct one.

He doesn't not enjoy rough play. But he loves coloring, puzzles, bubbles, or playing ball nicely.

He doesn't know all his colors but he can identify yellow most of of the time.

He can count to 14 and knows his basic shapes.

 He loves being outside.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hazel is One!...3 months late

Oh Hazel Lane, I can already hear you now. You will probably be about 12 years old, looking at your brother's three mega baby-books and asking, "Where's mine, mom".  Well girl, you see, you don't have one. And I'm sorry. But I did put all your hospital things in a nice zip lock bag. I would have made you a nice baby book, but the thing is, every time I tried, you thought you needed to be held. or eat. or something. Every. Single. Time.  So I made the decision that you demanded. And I know, without a doubt I will never regret the hours I held, rocked, bounced, and nursed you instead of cutting nice pictures out and adding embellishments. 

You are one year old. You think you are 20.  You jabber at anyone who will listen, and already have your mind made up about the world.  You are over it. You are not enticed one tiny bit by baby toys, noise makers, or new things. You only want your people.  There are about 5 of us, and I am disappointed to say that the church bible class lady, isn't one of them.  You have a look that tells me you know exactly what is going on. 

Hazel, you are every bit a Howard. You are a carbon copy of your Grammy.  Your only trace of me is the brown of your eyes. Listen, many people will go on about your brother's big baby blues, but brown eyes haven't failed me once. And I don't need sunglasses all the time, like the wimpy blue-eyed out there. You are graceful.  You have a poise that I can honestly say I have never possessed. You carry yourself almost daintily. You stoop to pick up something and it almost looks like a ballet move. You balance this out by having a snaggle-tooth. (you can't be perfect, after all) You also love to eat dirt, rocks, leaves, and anything else your brother doesn't even want to touch. 

Sister, I know for sure you have a had a great first year of life. I also know for sure each one will keep getting better. You have dad who thinks you are the best, a mom who keeps you humble, and a brother who puts up with your every move. You have got it made. I hope you always feel the love and support that we have for you. You complete our family.