Monday, July 19, 2010

A tail of two pups

Introducing: Ezra Merle Howard
We've been looking for a brother for Samson for quite some time. Samson loves to play with any other dog. (more than any other dog likes to play with him) We thought if we had a 2nd dog, they could entertain each other. Especially when school and work start up again. I hate for Samson to have to stay in the room all day by himself. Plus, when he does this, he sleeps all day, and then wants to play all night. read:unhappy dad.

Here are the brothers together. They warmed up to each other faster than Ezra warmed up to our apartment. He was used to being kept in a small cage at the pet store. He happened to be at the pet store a few more months than Samson stayed there. We think that might be why he took a while to warm up.

Last but not least, the happy Howards together. Yes. We are done getting puppies. Two is a perfect number for us. (at least while we have no backyard)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

positives and negatives

Three weeks from today I start a new job. I am thrilled and sad, worried and excited. Here's why

The negatives:
new set of rules, paperwork, and other information that comes with changing districts
not knowing anyone who I'm going to be teaching with
not teaching with the teachers I've grown to respect and enjoy being with
i will miss those pesky 12 year olds, i adore
i won't see former students as often
not knowing what exactly to expect from 3rd graders

The positives:
closer drive
awesome administration
excited staff (the other teachers in the building have been calling to welcome me to the team)
neat student population
new and exciting challenges
not having to deal with certain, ahem, higher-ups I didn't enjoy at my last district
getting to be a more well-rounded teacher

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me...

I am not obsessed with reading blogs of random moms that I have never met. Their parenting styles don't intrigue me...I don't even want kids

I have not gone to Staples to buy things at their cent sale 3 times in 24 hours

I have not purchased over 75 packs of pencils and 75 folders...spending my own money on things my student should provide would be dumb

I am not going to get up early tomorrow to take boxes to my classroom. They are not currently sitting in my dining room, on a planet rug. I always keep my things neat and orderly.

I have not currently gained back those 7 pounds I lost for an upcoming wedding. I'm responsible for what I eat.

I did not just spend the day spoiling my niece. Taking her to the pool, park, pedicure, and shopping all in one day would have just been too much. I try to maintain balance in everything I do. I wouldn't go overboard.

I am not currently sitting in the pj pants I've worn every day this summer, and if I was I would certainly wash them at least once a week.

I did not talk 6 different people into going to Staples to buy me dry erase boards. Just because the limit is two per household. I would not break rules of a store.

I have not taken a break from blogging for the last few weeks because I had nothing positive to say. I always look on the bright side, no matter what life throws at me.