Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Feb 2015

The weather around here has been awesome! We have been taking walks/jogs in the park daily as well as playing outside our apartment complex.  I can not wait to have a back yard or neighborhood for them to play in.  I've been exercising during naptimes and trying to continue to improve my photography. These two pictures are my first attempts at editing. I am currently using Lightroom, because that's what my course suggests. I haven't purchased it, so we will see what I think in 30 days. I'm happy with how my photography is progressing. 

Miles had his first toddler fit the other afternoon about his lunch.  I had served him up some mac and cheese with avocado mixed in, which he likes and has eaten before. For whatever reason he decided he wasn't going to eat it that day.  After closing his mouth and shaking his head no and pushing the food off the plate on to his highchair tray, I took the food away. A few minutes later he brought me a a nutri-grain bar. Don't think so brother. He went down for his nap hungry. (Don't worry, he ate an entire egg and banana for breakfast, so he wasn't going to starve.)

This chunky-girl is so strong. She loves to move herself around on her stomach and stand holding our fingers. She still makes lots of babbling noises. She goes in for her 6th month check-up (a month late) #2ndbaby next Monday. I'm interested to see how much she weighs. She is starting to interact more and more. We love it. I think it's safe to say that the Howards are not newborn people. We like our babies rockin' and rollin'.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hazel:: 7 months

Oh Hazel. 

Somehow each month my babies keep getting older. Funny how that happens.  These two adore each as usual. It amazes me how tough Hazel is and how sweet Miles is. He sometimes gets a little rough with his 'love', and she takes it all in stride. For example, in this picture he's leaning all his weight on her and she is just hanging out. 

Hazel has started eating some solids. She loathes baby food. She sticks her tongue all the way out and makes it impossible for me to get a spoon in her mouth. She will eat anything as long as she is the one holding it. No teeth yet, but I think she is working on some, girl has been fussy! She can move her self side to side on her blanket, sit up for long periods of time, and get herself from her stomach to her back and over again. She is much more motor-ly inclined than her brother was at this age.

She is still not that great at napping and a champion breast-feeder. It's becoming more and more clear the older she gets, she knows exactly what she wants and she is stubborn enough to get us to do it!