Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 weeks/16months

You are seven weeks old. We weighed you yesterday and you weighed 11 lbs! I wonder how much more you will pack on before your 2 month appointment.  I've been really trying to study you lately, last night I noticed that you make the same movements with your mouth that your brother did. I wonder if that's something that all babies do, or just Howard babies. I'm trying to commit some of your mannerisms to memory because baring a miracle; you will be our last baby. :) You are still waking up once at night, between 2am-4am. I think you will drop that feeding soon. You also started smiling at the end of last week. It's happening more frequently, but I've yet to catch it on camera.
Miles and Hazel's cousins also came this weekend.  Miles loved playing with them, and Audrey may be his favorite person. He was not shy about hugging/kissing/reaching for her. They played with toys, went swimming and just generally enjoyed seeing each other. Miles is about the same weight as his 3 year old cousin. His head is bigger than both of theirs!

 This was Miles after they left:: out for the count. He's still recovering from the excitement!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hazel - 6 weeks

Hello 6 week old Hazel,

This week was marked by a trip to the after hours clinic  on Wednesday.  At the advice of someone on facebook, we started to think maybe the bumps on your face weren't just baby pimples.  They started getting really red, raised and sand-paper feeling.  So to the doc you went.  I'm sure by the time you're reading this you will know your dad is a medicine Nazi. Seriously,  I'm more of a 'let's try it and see if it works' he's more of a 'The FDA doesn't recommend that for children under 2'. So in order to maintain peace in our home, we went to see what a doctor said.  You started getting a tiny tiny tiny bit of hydrocortisone cream mixed with aquaphor on your face twice a day.  Its hard for me to notice differences because I see you all day, so I tried to take pictures to refer to.  Looking back at them now I can see that the redness and inflammation is going down.

I'm not sure if it coincides with the fact that we are treating your eczema, but you started sleeping 6-7 hour stretches at night consistently.  It is wonderful.  You go to bed around 8pm and sleep until around 3, then you wake up between 6 and 7.  I can totally handle that.

Below is the 'Come home now, Dad, we are going crazy' picture. Please note that I haven't had the opportunity to shower or speak to an adult for a very extended time.  Appreciate. Also note the t-shirt from my award winning 1998, 6th grade basketball team.  I won best all-around player that year, and it still fits. Why did I order such big shirts as a 12 year old?  Totally not what most 12 year olds wear now. 

Ahh, here you are napping. How cute. The only way you stay napping during the day is for me to rock you with my foot while you sleep.  I'm getting some well developed calf muscles.
Below is the picture I took before we started your face medication. I can tell now how read it was. The pictures above this one are at various stages of improvement.

Below you are rocking your greasy face.  I'm hopeful that this is a one-time event and you won't have to have a greasy face as a teenager.  

Happy 6th week sister. We have one more week under our belts, and one week closer to you feeding yourself, walking and talking. For that I'm excited.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hazel- week 5


You are 5 weeks old. Currently you are napping, which seems somewhat of a miracle.  You've been really good this morning: awake and happy, eating and happy, now napping! I figured I better write this when I'm not exasperated with you. :)

Every time I think we've turned a corner, you prove me wrong.  I have been trying various things at bedtime because it literally takes you an hour to get to sleep at night.  Every time I think we've found a routine that works, you reject it the next night. I sit there with you wondering if these traits you have as a baby will stay with you as you get older.  Since I found out I was having a girl I've had the same picture in my mind.  I want a daughter with a strong sense of self, someone who isn't afraid to stand up to adversaries, someone who is kind to everyone, someone with spunk and personality.  Maybe I've wished this rough babyhood on myself. I have never pictured a quiet, sweet, girly daughter. So far you aren't quiet or sweet. :)  You have a sign in your room that reads "Someday I will change the world" and I look at it every time I'm super frustrated with you. 

So my little commander, I love you and most of the time like you despite not sleeping much or allowing me to eat a warm meal.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Fake Craigslist Ad

For Rent:

One nearly 5 week old baby girl.  Cries when she's hungry. Cries when she's tired. Cries when she's hot. Cries when she's cold. Cries when she is alone. Cries when she is laying down. Cries when she is held. Cries when she is happy. Cries a lot. Wears blister on your boobs. Wakes up hourly at night. Poops at least 5 times a day. Occasionally spits when she's burped, but only when you forget to put a burp clothe underneath her. Blue eyes. Light brown hair (only in the back). Approximately 9 lbs.

Comes with: two size one diapers and a bottle she refuses to use. Her quiet, sleeping as we speak, older brother isn't included.

No refunds. No exchanges. Due back in 6 months.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It happened again..

Warning: breastfeeding talk ahead

You may remember that Miles was bottle fed (breastmilk) his first 7 weeks of life.  He didn't latch well and it was a struggle from the beginning, so I began pumping.  I didn't mind pumping because it gave him the nutrition he needed and I knew exactly how much he was eating. Well randomly one day he decided he was done with bottles.  This was weird because he hadn't breastfed but a hand full of times.  We went on to breastfeed for the next 10 months. He shunned all bottles.

So when Hazel was born, she latched right away.  She was a pro eater the first few days.  Then she just sort of lost interest.  I pulled out the pump and begin pumping and didn't mind one bit. I could store up some milk (with the hopes of being done producing milk, but her still getting to drink it until she was a year old).  I know it sounds selfish, but I'm over producing milk.  It's uncomfortable. It's sticky. It's a pain. But it's the best thing for my babies so I will press on. 

Hazel has been drinking bottles exclusively for the last 3 weeks.  Then yesterday, she decided she was finished with them.  It happened as suddenly as it did with Miles. She arched her back, moved her head away and screamed. So we tried breastfeeding and she hasn't had a bottle since. I know it's only been 48 hours, but it seems just like what happened with Miles. So I guess, history is bound to repeat itself. Now the important question is what to do with the 200 ounces of breast milk that's in my freezer.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hazel @ 4 weeks

Okay, Hazel you will be 4 weeks tomorrow, so instead of admitting I'm 6 days behind on your 3 week update, we'll pretend I'm ahead of your 4 week.

Girl, you are fussy.  I mean that in the most loving, yet annoyed, motherly way.  I think your brother was fussy at this age too, but I honestly don't remember it. I think a lot of it is that you are awake so much more than he was. You literally can go hours without sleeping, and this isn't for lack of me trying. We swaddle you, rock you, hold you, lay you down everything to get you to nap on the eat-wake-sleep cycle. You just won't have it. Your preferred cycle is eat-wake-eat-wake-fuss-eat-sleep. This does make for some good 5 hour nighttime stretches, so I guess it all evens out.

You are not only alert and awake you are also strong. You grab onto my shirt and arm with so much force, you can hold your head and turn it around. I have a feeling you may walk before your brother..kidding (mostly).

You are wearing size 1 diapers. You can still fit in newborn, but they don't sell big boxes of those, and I don't have time to run to the store once a week. You mostly wear 0-3 size clothing because we don't have many newborn sized items. The onesie in this picture is a 3 month.  The length is perfect, but you don't fill it out yet. Sister, you are long.  And your feet are tiny. They are adorable!
Here's to the next 4 weeks bringing more sleep, more smiles, and less 'floppy fish phase'.
Mama and Dad