Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's when

It's when you get yelled at for something you didn't do
It's when you try to explain yourself but the other person won't listen
It's when the heavy load lands on your shoulders
It's when you can't please everyone
It's when you're tired from working two jobs
It's when you want to shout you don't care
It's when you are tempted to give up
It's when you've repeated yourself many many times

That's when the real you shows.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Bub!

When I was three my parents adopted my brother. My mom recounts how I would ask if "Baby Michael Andrew" was home from heaven yet. Since we picked him up my life has been forever changed.

My brother and I share a relationship of love and respect. Our personalities are as different as our physical features. He is as impulsive as I am level headed. He has light eyes and can eat his weight in candy without gaining a pound. He is a driven, focused individual... but only when he wants to.

My brother is brave. He joined the Army out of high school. He's seen more terror in his life then I can comprehend. He still is a loving brother, son, and dad.

I'm thankful for facebook which unites us across the world. It's my joy daily to see that my brother is safe and happy. I look forward to his return to the states. Happy Birthday Bub. I'm so proud of you and I love you always!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jerome-y Macaroni

As I was looking back though my blog today, I realized that Jerome was a huge part of it last year. I thought I would link some of the previous posts and give you an update on how my favorite 3rd grader is, now that he is a fourth grader!

A letter- I think my first post on him
A kind gesture
The best punishment ever
A different perspective
Ending 3rd grade in style

I'm not going to lie, a huge part of my excitement about moving to 5th grade was that next year I'll get my beloved third graders back! Only they will be older!! I'm not going to lie, Jerome was one of the ones I was most excited about. I think we grew to depend on each other last year. I was really anxious about how his 4th grade year would go. God is sure looking out for this little guy, his fourth grade teacher, who is new to our school is perfect for him! She is patient, loving, and sees his potential.

Nevertheless, Jerome stops by my class before school to give me a hug, and through out the day when he passes it. My students all know him and tell him hi when he walks in. His visits usually last around 15 seconds and he is on his way. I see him before he gets on the bus after school and he frequently asks me to come to my house. I always ask him what he thinks Mr. Howard would say if I showed up at home with him. :)

He still has his moments, but I'm happy to report they are much fewer than last year.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

a saturday list

I use the term list loosely.

1. I counted and this week I worked 87 hours. 42 at the pharmacy, and the rest of them at school. It did not include driving there or outside work. Just the time I was there. I don't type that so everyone (all 8 of you) can go 'wow! Beth is a hard worker', I just would like to have it recorded for the years down the road where I might not work as much.

2. Because I was at a job from 7:30am-11:30pm each day, I slept a total of 13 hours today. (Saturday) (VRUM All that was done over night or in one nap) I don't feel bad about it at all.

3. Babies are being born or talked about all around me. I can't wait to meet my new 'supercousin' Grace! She is sooo adorable! (and I usually think babies are UG-LY, even those related to me) My teammate, Santhi, is currently in labor...say a prayer for that long term sub. And my friends who are not yet prego are posting pintrests of baby room ideas...
btw Supercousin is a term I coined for my cousin's baby because I think the term second cousin is silly. You can extend it to third cousin by adding the word 'duper' in after super.

4. My house is a mess. See points 1 & 2

5. I had a sweet potato for dinner. See points 1,2, & 4

6. I miss blogging regularly.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 things

1. So far the whole 'working two jobs' thing hasn't been too bad. I have an amazing team at school that encourages and understands my life right now! However, Trevor has applied for this scholorship that would pay for the rest of his school plus a little extra money to live on. If you're the praying type, PLEASE pray it works out. We will find out in November.

2. This year I debated on whether or not to give my students/parents access to my cell phone. I decided to try it, knowing I could choose not to answer their calls if I didn't want to. It's been 2 months of school almost and I got my first call from a student yesterday. It was a 58 sec conversation.
K: Mrs. Howard do we do page 58 and 59?
Mrs. H: Nope, just 58
K: What numbers?
Mrs. H: 22-30
K: Thanks Mrs. Howard
Mrs. H: See you Monday, have a good weekend
K: I love you Mrs. Howard!!!! Bye!
Mrs. H: Bye K

In that 58 seconds I remembered why I love my job, and I also saved myself a headache of her not having her work done on Monday. So far, I'm saying it was a good decision.