Saturday, December 14, 2013

When your husband is in Pharmacy school...a reprise

You can find the what I learned about pharmacy school in 2011 here. I wrote that after his first semester was to think he's only got one semester of classes left!  It's hard to believe we've made it this far! I'm so proud of you!

1. When your husband is in pharmacy school you plan dinner menus around class testing schedules
2. When your husband is in pharmacy school quizzing mechanisms of action replace cuddling in bed.
3. When your husband is in pharmacy school three ring binders are considered living room decorations
4. When your husband is in pharmacy school your son's bedtime stories consist of powerpoint slides read aloud.
5. When your husband is in pharmacy school he takes a moment to discuss medications with surgeons before appendectomies and wisdom tooth removals
6. When your husband is in pharmacy school his friends perform various reflexes and responses on your 2 day old baby and get really excited when they work.
7. When your husband is in pharmacy school you will come up with the hashtag #pharmacyschoolwidow to describe your life during finals week.
8. When your husband is in pharmacy he tells you about the uterus he saw in class, and even though he saw you give birth, you feel self-conscience.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mama knows best

I hope you learn this lesson quickly, however if you are anything like your mama it will take years.

I know that if you stay up all night, you will be tired the next day. No matter how tired you are, I will not give you any coffee.

I know that you really want to put that hot food from my plate in your mouth. This will hurt more than you will enjoy it.

I know that you really think that if you lean forward from a sitting position you will magically get to what you want, but in reality you will just fall face first into it.

I know you think the dog is fun, but if you open your mouth when it comes near you, it will try to lick your gums. That is gross. Dogs are for petting, not kissing.

I know you think pulling your dad's arm hair is funny....okay, I admit, it is funny.

Miles, at 7 months and 3 weeks old you are a character. You are starting to show real interest in things around you. You no longer are content just sitting and watching, you want to be grabbing, moving, doing.  Your loves in life are paper, popcorn tins, fruit snack packages (closed), and pretty much anything you are not supposed to want to play with, like the nasal aspirator. You could care less about toys, except for books.  I can't wait to see you with wrapping paper on Christmas.  You still have no teeth, and we just recently found out that you can't eat eggs for the time being. (that was a messy lesson) You are still perfect and we love  you.

Monday, December 2, 2013

7 months/Thanksgiving

Before I begin this post, let me just say that I'm thankful.  Okay. So we started last Sunday in the middle of the night with a stomach virus.  Miles' outfit above should show you the dire condition of our household. Trevor and I were both down for the count. It involved two trips to Walgreens to obtain medication for him, and it had snowed. So off Miles and I went to get it, since the over the counter medication he needed at the house expired in 2011.  Yes I took Miles to Walgreens dressed as he was above.
Tuesday morning Trevor seemed better, I still felt a bit sluggish and Miles was good to go. Trevor went to class, I spent the day trying to muster up the energy to do the dishes, prepare to leave for our trip, and board the dogs. We left Weatherford at 4:30 pm and got to Missouri around 10 pm.
Wednesday morning the stomach virus resurfaced. Trevor was up all night Miles didn't sleep well, having slept 5 hours in the car right before bed. By Wednesday night we were all exhausted. My mom came home and told me not only were we having the 10 members of my immediate family over for Thanksgiving, one of my Aunt & Uncles and Grandma would be coming too. At this point, I just wanted a nap.
On Thanksgiving Miles tried a bite of the pumpkin pie filling and then proceeded to throw up every ten minutes for an hour.  (no this was not spit-up) We went to bed plagued once again by Trevor's stomach virus coming to call every 30 minutes. My dad makes a 3 am trip to the gas station for medicine.
Friday morning we woke up and Trevor was still sick, so Miles and I went to find a store open at 8 am the day after Thanksgiving in small town, Missouri. We got a different kind of settle your stomach medicine. And spent the afternoon laying around.  By Friday evening everyone was feeling good enough to rejoin the family. Miles was playing on the floor with a relative (name omitted to protect the innocent) and was laying on his back. Said relative pulled his right arm across his body in an attempt to roll him to face a toy. We knew immediately he had something wrong. He fussed right away and seemed to be more upset when we moved his arm. We noticed his shoulder was fine but below his elbow seemed to just be hanging limp. After about 10 minutes of observation, we decided to take him to the emergency room. It was 5:30 pm on black Friday.
This is Miles as he was getting checked in. He got his temp taken and they made sure his hand was still warm and had circulation. He got weighed and then we waited to for them to take us back to a room.  As soon as we saw the nurse, she knew he had 'Nurse Maid's' Elbow. She took his wrist and just popped it back in place. Miles cried a little during this but more out of annoyance than pain.  The minute after she felt the pop he had picked up his hospital bracelet and was only interested in playing with it.  The doctor came in to sign our release papers and off we went. In and out of our first ER trip in under an hour.

Saturday afternoon Miles played with his cousins.

Sunday we started the drive back early so Trevor could get home and study. After 3 hours we stopped to feed Miles and top off the gas tank.  When we went to restart the car the battery was dead.  After 30 minutes and forty dollars on a self-jumper we were back on the road. It just seemed like a fitting end to an eventful Thanksgiving week.  Here's to hoping all the excitement has passed and Christmas will be boring.