Monday, December 31, 2012

Pregnany Weirdness

So, I've learned some things while being pregnant.

1. It's not so fun.  Yes, there are fun things: seeing your baby on Ultrasound, feeling tiny kicks, etc. But most of the time it's not fun.  Heartburn, pimples, nausea, trying to find food that sounds good...

2. As not fun as it is, I'm sure the end result is worth it.

3. Who knew thinking of certain things could make me gag. Literally.

4. I feel like I'm going to wet myself at any second...and a tablespoon of pee comes out.

5. When you feel kicks and call your husband over to feel them, they immediately stop.

6. Trying not to sleep on your back is more difficult than it sounds.

7. You read things in books that sound crazy, then you try them.

8. People pet you. I thought this may happen when I was farther along....but people don't show restraint. They just rub my fat belly (mostly fat, not baby yet) to their heart's content.

9. My boobs STILL hurt. All the time.

10. Pregnancy is a GREAT excuse for anything.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

THE NAME part 1

Yesterday I had my 19 week appointment...or is it 20? I really have no idea. I'm still due May 8th.  As we were going through the anatomy scan the doc asked if we wanted to know the gender. We, of course, said yes...and then acted like it wasn't the reason we were there. 

So the doctor causally said "he" a couple of times. I think Trevor caught it but I didn't. I was too concerned with checking out the 4 chamber heart and other various organs.  The doctor finally came out and said, it's a boy.  I asked him if he was SURE. Then, right on cue the parts flashed up on the screen.  Proud mom moment #1 ... my boy is not modest. He actually seemed to be happy to announce to the world what the doctor called his "wee-wee". Awesome.

So the doctor then had to rush to a c-section so we didn't get to finish the whole scan...which means I get to see the baby in 3D and 4D again on January 7th.  God must know how concrete of a person I am. I want to SEE that my boy is doing good.  This will be my 4th chance! So expect pictures then, because all I have right now is 'wee-wee' pictures, and even though the kid is proud to show them off, to me that's a bit weird.

So the name.. Miles Owen Howard.

We had a lot of criteria for the name.
1. No trendy names
2. None that end in -Aiden
3. Strangers must be able to spell it
4. Teachers will read it and know the gender
5. Unique enough that they won't have to go by a last initial.....example: Jessica H. or Jacob H.
6. Have a family connection

Miles fits all the categories 1-5 with little explanation. The family connection is important to us because we want our children to feel tied to their family, both members they know and don't know.  The meaning of Miles is soldier. All of our grandpas, along with Trevor's dad, and two of our three brothers have served/ are serving in the military.  I like to think of it as a nod to all of them and the sacrifice they made for their country.  I'm proud to have three generations (and possibly farther) involved with something they believe in. 

Part two: the middle name and reactions coming soon!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's beginning to look a bit like...


baby. Today I purchased my first piece of baby gear. First, I checked with a friend to make sure it was necessary then I jumped in feet first. Then I carried it to my car.. ooph! I'm not sure when pregnant people are supposed to stop carrying heavy things but I may be approaching that time.  It was noticeably more difficult.

I have also been feeling small little bumps in my stomach. I'm fairly certain it's the baby moving around in there.

When I got home I decide to assemble the new baby equipment. It was very easy! I love the higher level, I didn't know they came with those. Plus when it tears down, all of this stays attached!

I went for the gray color with blue and yellow accents so it would be gender neutral. Since we don't know what flavor the baby is for two more days and we can use it for future children.  I love it! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A December to remember

this one may be one for the record books.

10th- Trevor gets his wisdom teeth removed. There goes $244 dollars of my Christmas Bonus.  (Thank the Lord we have dental insurance)

I'm going to take off work the 10th and 11th to nurse him back to health. And myself back to mental has been crazy....and not the kids...

17th - We find out what flavor baby Howard is. Now the entire time I've had a feeling it's a girl. I'm not sure why... girls don't really happen in the Howard family.  I will be surprised if I'm wrong.  So much to the fact that I already refer to the baby as the girl name we picked to Trevor.  I can't imagine having a boy now that for 5 months I've "known" it's a girl. Only time will tell....

As far as I can tell I'm somewhere in the 17/18 week range and my stomach finally lost the muffin top look and has shifted to the mid-section.  It seems higher that I thought it would be. My size 7 pants still button fine but they are uncomfortable and restrictive. I haven't felt any fluttering movements but then again maybe I'm not realizing what they are.

22- Head home to see Mom, Dad, Michael, Tai, David, & Kaia!!!! I can't wait!

23- Christmas with my extended family in Conway.  ((hope there's some pumpkin butter under the tree with Super cousin Howard's name on it ))

24- Annual Rumker family Christmas Eve bash...complete with matching Christmas outfit picture, card games and adult beverages, and snack foods galore, and presents!!!

29- Christmas in Kansas City. Complete with football, beer, and Poppy taking an hour to eat. Sadly missing two key components this year. But nevertheless, an epic time will be had by all!

It's also weird to think that at this time next Christmas I'll have a 6 month old!