Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of Break

1. Seeing Ma and Pa Rumker... I have had a new appreciation for my parents lately. Every time I start thinking I have the best parents ever.... something happens to prove it. It makes me feel bad for years 14-16.

2. Seeing my extended family. The funny, the awesome, the boring, and the stickers I love them all!

3. Watching David open his Christmas presents. That boy exudes Christmas Cheer!

4. Talking to my brother in Afghanistan

5. Spending a night in a hotel (away from the dogs) with Trevor

6. Baking cookies and watching other people enjoy them

7. Buying new jeans in a size I didn't even wear in high school!

8. Not having to think about grading papers

9. Enjoying home cooked meals

10. Sleeping in and napping to my hearts content.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

When your husband is in Pharmacy School..

... you expect to not see him during finals week
... you make sugar cookies for him shaped and colored like various prescriptions
... you write him love notes in SIG code
... you remind yourself that him explaining nitrogen breakdowns is a way of telling you he loves you
... you accept the fact that he's held his biochem book more then you
... you dream of the day when he'll mumble your name, instead of side effects in his sleep
... you expect him to be excited when the suppository he made is perfect
... you explain to your friends what a capsule lab is..because you know
... you know how many sugar packets he puts in each cup of coffee because he learned that artifical sweeteners don't break down
... you have to hear the generic name for each prescription everyone in your life takes
... you let him practice taking your blood pressure before bed...and think it's romantic when he tells you it's not prehypertensive.
... you let his morter and pestal sit with your nice dishes in the kitchen
... you get a part time job so he can focus more on the above mentioned things.