Saturday, December 18, 2010

Aunt Bess and Uncle Traber

Only one person in the whole world uses those names for us. It's our niece, Audrey. Audrey is four years old and we've know her about a year now. Carter's wonderful wife Robyn, is her mom. She is affectionately known as hurricane Audrey.

The nickname is completely one of love. She has endless energy, asks ongoing questions, and never gets tired. She can fake cry with the best of them, and is generally tons of fun. Today I picked up our super-smart niece so she can ride to Missouri with us tomorrow.

It's 6:33 and i'm beat. After three hours in the car handing her every writing utensil I own, answering about 3 million questions, and stopping four times, I felt like I had been put through the ringer. Then we got to Edmond and the fun wasn't over yet. We got our nails done at my favorite pedicure place and Audrey choose Christmas colors. She wanted the lotion and hot rocks and specifically asked for a massage chair. She then read me all the signs in the building and did subtraction problems with my toes.

She asked a little too loudly, why there were boys in there, and why all the people working looked the same. I was too tired to run the one errand I needed to, and stopped by McD's for some quick dinner. The guy at the window gave us two chocolate milks, 'cause she is just too cute'. She had to call and tell Miss Tammy(my MIL) all about the extra milk. She came home and painted while she ate her cheeseburger.

I made it home and she promply went with Uncle Trabor to the ice cream place. Our goal is to run her out of energy... it hasn't happened yet. Thank goodness I'm dropping her off with my inlaws at lunch time tomorrow.

It must take super powers to be a parent. Aunt Bess is plum out. Spongebob Christmas, here we come.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Home Free

I made it to Christmas Break. I can't believe this year of 3rd graders is half over. So I'm home to Missouri, free from grading, students, and waking up early. But not free from schedules.

Saturday- Pick up Audrey from Carter, Pick up Michael from airport
Sunday- Drive home/ Cooking with Mom
Tuesday- Howard Christmas & Stafford Christmas
Wednesday- Dinner with Tom and Angela
Thursday- Silver Dollar City Christmas
Friday - Rumker Christmas (immediate family)
Saturday- Trevor & Beth Christmas
Sunday- Twyman Christmas/ See Carissa at church
Monday- Leave for Ski Trip
Friday- Trev flies back to OKC
Saturday- Rumker Christmas (extended family)
Sunday- Beth Returns to OKC

any takers for Monday...haha

Monday, December 13, 2010

Howard Happenings...

I really do live the life of a boring grandma most of the time, not that I am complaining. Here are the latest things of note in my life.

1. I am forcing my students to finish their benchmark tests (tests to see what they have learned this nine weeks) in two days. Last time I stretched it to four days, and that was a huge mistake. We'll see how this time turns out

2. Ezra had leg surgery around 3 weeks ago. He hasn't been showing any discomfort, but has still not regained use of his right hip. Until today. I caught him touching his foot on the ground! This is exciting, it means I didn't put my pup through surgery for no reason. (He had a fused hip from birth)

3. There our 4 school days left until Christmas Break

4. I am doing laundry in preperation for our Trips to Missouri and Colorado. This is usually T's job, but he's working extra this week.

5. It's so cold on our apt that the tv won't turn on. We are using a radiant heater (I think that is what it's called) It heats our apt really well, but it take a bit to get going.

6. I just yelled "Trevor!" at Samson. oops.

7. Trevor and I got our ski coats for our ski trip. 16 dollars each at Ross. I'm excited.

8. I spent the entire day yesterday baking Christmas cookies/candy that I then gave away, without eating any.

9. I'm really glad my grades are all in, so this week we can do Christmas Crafts. I will say this, 3rd graders like a good Christmas craft better than 6th graders.

10. I know I lead an interesting life... you don't have to tell me :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

14 Days til Christmas

There are 14 days until Christmas. Two weeks. Two weeks and my MIL decides she's going to cancel our Christmas plans. I'm not sure why. Maybe she's mad about something, maybe she'd rather see her new grandson. Maybe I'll never know why. As crummy as it is for her to do that, there are still some VERY exciting things happening around Christmas.

14. Break from School!
13. Sleeping in late
12. Seeing my grandparents in Kansas City
11. Seeing my grandma in Conway
10. Seeing my brother, who is flying in from NY
9. Going to my parents house for Christmas Eve and all of our Christmas Traditions
8. Spending time with friends in Missouri
7. Spending time with my husband
6. Christmas Presents
5. Christmas cookies
4. Christmas Pajamas
3. Being Lazy
2. Going Skiing for the first time
1. Remembering the reason for this season isn't any of the above

Thursday, December 9, 2010

the Looonnngggesssttt day of my life

Today was the longest day of my life.

I sat through the same Christmas Program 3 times. I was at school from 8-8. I didn't have a break from my students all day.

One of my students stole my chocolate
One of my parents asked me if I needed a drink
One of my boys kissed a girl on the cheek
I met one of my student's mom, grandma, and great grandma. (who looked younger than my grandma)

I drank two cups of coffee, two cups of tea, and a sonic diet dp

I'm going to bed.