Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moms cubed

Mother's Day is right around the corner. As I had my students write their moms or other important women in their life a nice note, I started thinking about my mom. Her name is Karen. It roles off the tongue right away, it's something I don't question. However, as that is rolling off my tongue my mind jumps to my birth mom, the woman who blessed me with life, Suzanne. Shortly after that, my wonderful mother in law, Tammy makes her entrance on my subconscious. So here's to the three moms in my life. If I wasn't a big sissy, here's what I would tell them.

My Mom-
I think you are selfless- the things you have up for me over the years, I know I don't know the half of it

I admire how you finish what you begin, whether its a book, a project, or a job you always tie up the lose ends

I'm thankful you're a trend-setter, I know that grandma and grandpa didn't vocalize their love very often, i'm so blessed that you told me all the time how much you love me

I admire your bravery. The guts it took to not only give me up for adoption, but to carry me for nine months inspires me.

I love how you don't every apologize for who you are. It makes me realize that what I think of myself matters far more, then what others think.

You have taught me how to support my husband. Your dedication to G and what he loves and wants to do, helps me stand by Trev and support what will make him happy.

The 'ma'
I admire your compassion. The way you care for those in need is such a strong testimony to me to have a heart for those who need a boost

I think you are strong, your desire to hold our family together makes me proud to be a Howard.

I think you are fun! Your zest for life makes you very exciting to be around.

Love your daughter,

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