Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of Break

1. Seeing Ma and Pa Rumker... I have had a new appreciation for my parents lately. Every time I start thinking I have the best parents ever.... something happens to prove it. It makes me feel bad for years 14-16.

2. Seeing my extended family. The funny, the awesome, the boring, and the stickers I love them all!

3. Watching David open his Christmas presents. That boy exudes Christmas Cheer!

4. Talking to my brother in Afghanistan

5. Spending a night in a hotel (away from the dogs) with Trevor

6. Baking cookies and watching other people enjoy them

7. Buying new jeans in a size I didn't even wear in high school!

8. Not having to think about grading papers

9. Enjoying home cooked meals

10. Sleeping in and napping to my hearts content.

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