Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why we accept state aid

I was raised conservative Republican.  My dad will be the first to say, everyone should work to earn what they need to live.  There shouldn't be hand-outs to people who do not need them.  There should be strict rules for people receiving this aid.  Now, regardless of what your opinion is or what you think Jesus would do, let me present you our example; by the numbers.

WIC- Government issued 'checks' for pregnant women or mothers and children.  Lists specific items that you must get. All dairy, whole grain, fruit and veggies, and proteins. Approximate value: $60/month

Soonercare: Government insurance (Medicaid)

Trevor, Miles, and I qualify for both being full time students and Trevor working part time.
My potential take home Teaching salary-  2200 
Trevor's part time salary - 600 *we use this money for groceries, gas, and other living expenses)
Insurance cost if I work:  Me- covered by school, Trevor and Miles 700/month thru school (Trevor doesn't qualify for insurance through CVS because he doesn't work enough hours. He already drives 45 miles each way so adding more days of work would be impractical)

Childcare cost- 600-750/month

Gas- 320/month

So 2200 (amount we would use to pay our bills)
    -1700 (cost to work, approximately)

And to me, 500 isn't worth being away from Miles 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Not to even mention how much WORK teaching is. :)

And that's why we temporarily accept state aid.  I understand that when Trevor graduates we will immediately be ineligible for all the above listed services. I would also like to add we don't abuse the services above. :)

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