Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mama knows best

I hope you learn this lesson quickly, however if you are anything like your mama it will take years.

I know that if you stay up all night, you will be tired the next day. No matter how tired you are, I will not give you any coffee.

I know that you really want to put that hot food from my plate in your mouth. This will hurt more than you will enjoy it.

I know that you really think that if you lean forward from a sitting position you will magically get to what you want, but in reality you will just fall face first into it.

I know you think the dog is fun, but if you open your mouth when it comes near you, it will try to lick your gums. That is gross. Dogs are for petting, not kissing.

I know you think pulling your dad's arm hair is funny....okay, I admit, it is funny.

Miles, at 7 months and 3 weeks old you are a character. You are starting to show real interest in things around you. You no longer are content just sitting and watching, you want to be grabbing, moving, doing.  Your loves in life are paper, popcorn tins, fruit snack packages (closed), and pretty much anything you are not supposed to want to play with, like the nasal aspirator. You could care less about toys, except for books.  I can't wait to see you with wrapping paper on Christmas.  You still have no teeth, and we just recently found out that you can't eat eggs for the time being. (that was a messy lesson) You are still perfect and we love  you.

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