Wednesday, February 12, 2014

9 month doctor's visit

In my true nature, Miles' 9 month doctor's appointment happened around two weeks late.  In my defense, it was scheduled on time.  A bit of snow and his first ear infection caused it to be  moved. This was by far my favorite doctor visit because there were no shots!

* Confession, the actual shots don't really bother me but the recovery from them is horrid. Call me heartless if you want.

Here's Miles in the office. He had to put his shirt back on while waiting for the doctor; it was freezing in there.  (That's what they tell me, I'm hot, ah pregnancy,...all the time.)
I scheduled this appointment in the afternoon when Trevor could come with us. It was his first appointment to attend since Miles was 1 week old.  He does a good job of being 'busy' when Miles has to get shots.

Our 'big' boy weighed 19lbs 7 oz.  He is a little over 28 inches tall. His head is still a whopper at 47.5 cm.

Pay no attention to his hair in this photo, you see we had a rough time that morning. He woke up in his nap covered in poop.  You know the kind of poop that is dried to his skin? And since he's had a bit of diaper rash (antibiotic induced) I stuck him in the bath. 

When he got out I was drying him off, putting on his new diaper, and his bottom cream.  In this process he poops again. So now I'm a mess and he's a mess again. So back to the bathroom we go to get cleaned off. This was more for my benefit than his. All that to say, I never slicked his hair down after his bath, and if it dries, well it stays exactly how it dries.

Just another day with Miles, messy hair and all.

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