Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Miles at 1 Year

A year ago I was chilling on bedrest, bored, and so ready to meet our boy.  A year later, I couldn't be more proud of the person he is growing in to.  He has a smile for everyone, contemplates everything carefully, and is always willing to hug my face.

Some words he says: Dada, Mama, Papa, 'Gog' (dog), na-na-na (No)

He always shakes his head 'yes' to indicate that he wants something, or more of something.

He can roar like a lion when asked, or at random times during the day.

He always touches objects with just his pointer finger first, before he goes for it with his whole hand.

When we read books he likes to point to things on the page so I can say what it is. He could do this for hours.

He can move from his stomach to his bottom and back down.  He can pull up in his crib.


He can cruise along the couch and walk holding on to hands.  He likes to stand independently and play.  He can get on his hands and knees, but refuses to crawl.

He laughs and giggles easily. His big belly laughs are reserved for Samson and Ezra.  Yesterday, after I gave Samson a bath I was drying him off with a towel, and Miles thought this was so funny.

Miles loves the water and taking baths.

He loves his blankies and won't sleep without one by his face.  He knows how to put himself to sleep in his crib for bedtime and naps.

He is a champion eater, I haven't found anything yet he doesn't like.

He just got his 3rd tooth. He now has the two bottom middle, and the top left.

(GOOD LUCK getting a photo of those teeth)

He only falls asleep on his dad.
He can make one great 'duck face'
We think he is one cool dude and couldn't be prouder of him!
Happy first birthday sweet boy! We are so glad you are ours. 

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  1. When I played the video of him laughing, my dogs went berserk! Your boy is too cute!!