Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 resolutions

1. Take better pictures. I have tons of pictures of Miles and Hazel, but I don't have professional ones taken regularly. So I would like to learn to take higher quality pictures of them. I have been taking some online lessons the last few days, and I think I'm improving. They are in order of the last three days, with the oldest being the top picture.

2. Start and finish an afgan. I plan to do the Crochet-a-long (CAL) on a blog that I read.
3. Stick to all 21 days of the elimination diet my doctor suggested. (Starting Jan.5) 
4. Brush Miles and Hazel's teeth morning and night.


  1. I've definitely noticed an improvement in your shots. You have a DSLR camera?

    1. Trevor bought me a DSLR for Christmas two years ago (when I was pregnant with Miles). At that time I had my iphone and mostly took pictures with it. When we 'upgraded' to our Samsung phones*hate them* I decided to learn how to use my real camera because my phone camera doesn't take pictures fast enough. Feel free to give me any pointers you have!