Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Miles at 20 months

Miles:  You are so fun.  Ever since you decided to get on the walking *more like waddling* band wagon your fun-meter is off the charts. The thing that makes you the most fun is that you are really able to make your wants and needs known with your words! You frequently ask where certain people are, ask to go outside, ask to get in your crib, ask for the toy you want, ask to get up or down.  You know where your eyes, nose, head, mouth, ears, and belly are. You can count to 6. You know the names of all of our family members.  You can say 'Hazel' (Hah-Zull) but you call her 'sis-ser' most of the time.

 You love helping put wet clothes in the dryer and match socks to put away. You love people especially kids.  It doesn't phase you when they are older than you or you are outnumbered.  You sometimes like animals.  You still sleep wonderful! Most of the time you take two fulls naps a day and still sleeping all night.
 I can tell you don't feel good by your eyes. You never fuss but the sparkle is gone. We just got over your second real illness in your twenty months.  I never would have known you had an ear infection if the doctor didn't tell me.

It is so fun to watch you learn new things and new words. We love you more each day!

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  1. Love it! It's so much fun to see what each new stage brings.