Friday, April 16, 2010

POed or proud?

Today was a day.

I've been sitting here mulling over it since school was out at 3:15. I still don't know if I have the words. Today started like every other Friday. Until 8:30, around ten minutes after the bell. Our principal, walks in my room. This is a semi-rare occurance, especially without notice.

She broke the news to me, that I would be getting a new student.

Before I was actually a teacher, I wondered how teachers react to this kind of news. I always am a bit thrown off. I never have been excited when the principal comes to bring this news. It throws off the day, you have to find new books, a new desk, and it changes the dynamic of your classroom. I have been fortunate in my teaching career that I haven't had students leave my class, and now only 4 to date join it.

So back to today, I should mention I already have the highest count in my grade with a whooping 26. So when I recieved news that I would be getting a student who has now been in 3 different classes this year, been suspended, lived in ISS, and is generally disrespectful and unruly, I was less then excited. I was actually mad. Ticked. My friends will attest. I didn't understand why me. I have the most kids, the most kids with emotional disorders, tons of IEPs, students who don't speak English! I am stretched thinner then I ever imagined. So adding one more student to the mix who will need lots of attention frustrated me. So I went through the day wrestling with whether I should be super mad, or kinda proud. Having parents fight to get their kids in my class is kind of flattering...(that was vain, I know)

So I've decided to look at it like this, what doesn't kill me will make me stronger and everything happens for a reason. I like a challenge. I will make these next 29 days of school the best days of school this student has experienced. I won't fail her. It is not her fault for this situation we've been put in. I hope when I look back on this post at the end of the year, the end of the decade, right before I retire....that we had success. Here's to the next 29 days.

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