Wednesday, April 7, 2010

While Mrs. Smith is in here...

Today I had about ten minutes to kill before another teacher was going to come teach my class a lesson. Being the world's best teacher, I always have something productive planned for my students, just in case we ever have down time. ... not.

Considering their previous behavior, I asked them to fill in the blank:

While Mrs. Smith is in here....

here are some of their answers

...I will not pick my nose not punch her in the face not throw a banana at her not act like we are acting now
...raise our hands before talking eating pickles not embarass Mrs. Howard

This activity went over with such astounding reviews, I lead a similar activity at the end of the day. It was called give a tip. Here are some tips from the smartest 12 year olds on the planet.

-don't try to sneak up on a skunk
-don't put a lite fire cracker in a beer bottle
-don't take a shower with your cell phone
-don't forget to do your friend's homework
-don't scream into the phone when your mom calls
-don't eat pancakes naked

Yep. My job is interesting.

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