Monday, July 19, 2010

A tail of two pups

Introducing: Ezra Merle Howard
We've been looking for a brother for Samson for quite some time. Samson loves to play with any other dog. (more than any other dog likes to play with him) We thought if we had a 2nd dog, they could entertain each other. Especially when school and work start up again. I hate for Samson to have to stay in the room all day by himself. Plus, when he does this, he sleeps all day, and then wants to play all night. read:unhappy dad.

Here are the brothers together. They warmed up to each other faster than Ezra warmed up to our apartment. He was used to being kept in a small cage at the pet store. He happened to be at the pet store a few more months than Samson stayed there. We think that might be why he took a while to warm up.

Last but not least, the happy Howards together. Yes. We are done getting puppies. Two is a perfect number for us. (at least while we have no backyard)


  1. Hey, I left you some blog love on my blog. =)

  2. VERY cute. Just don't put them on your Christmas card and leave yourselves out. Promise me. That's where its gone too far.