Tuesday, July 13, 2010

positives and negatives

Three weeks from today I start a new job. I am thrilled and sad, worried and excited. Here's why

The negatives:
new set of rules, paperwork, and other information that comes with changing districts
not knowing anyone who I'm going to be teaching with
not teaching with the teachers I've grown to respect and enjoy being with
i will miss those pesky 12 year olds, i adore
i won't see former students as often
not knowing what exactly to expect from 3rd graders

The positives:
closer drive
awesome administration
excited staff (the other teachers in the building have been calling to welcome me to the team)
neat student population
new and exciting challenges
not having to deal with certain, ahem, higher-ups I didn't enjoy at my last district
getting to be a more well-rounded teacher

1 comment:

  1. Teachers calling to welcome you?! That's awesome! Sounds like you're going to a great place, I suppose I'll approve of it. Promise to come back and go to some jr. high basketball games with me?