Saturday, October 16, 2010

a short Rant.

Nothing in life drives me my CORE…then mediocrity…or the people who are fine living with it. Now I’m not saying that every day must be a huge life changing adventure, but people that are complacent, or allow others to dictate their entire life get me riled up.

I believe the biblical word is luke-warm. I understand a bit why being luke-warm was frowned upon. I’ve heard a lot of lessons taught about the original meaning of the lesson ‘be hot or cold but not luke-warm’.

I look at people who I see making huge life mistakes, but who are living, really living life. Even though I don’t condone their choices I’m glad that they taking an active role in their life.

It bothered me when 6th graders just blindly repeated and acted on what others told them. It gets ridiculous when adults do the same thing. I just want to scream at them. Probably wouldn’t be a good choice.

All summed up, life is short. Live where you want to live, work where you want to work, love who you want to love. Serve others. Be true to yourself.

*Disclaimer* I tried to leave the spiritual side of the way I see this topic out of this specific post, or it wouldn't be a 'short' rant. :)

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