Saturday, October 30, 2010

As if

As if working a full week with 23 third graders didn't make me tired enough...

Today my apartment demanded my attention. Now, the one benefit to this is, it doesn't shout 'Mrs. Howard!" least not where I can hear it.

Now the dishes, laundry, and various boxes around my apartment were calling things, demanding to be cleaned, moved, or wiped. All week I had ignored them, but today they ganged up on me!

So, I decided to see to them all at once, something I'm used to from working at school.

Laundry thrown in, Bread maker filled and turned on, dishes started.

Boxes taped together and filled; while those three things were working by themselves. I could draw many illustrations how this is like my classroom, but I'll save you the pain.

So now I hear the humm of my dryer. I can smell the cinnamon rolls rising, and my dishes are drying in the dishwasher. My living room looks a bit better than it did hours ago.


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