Monday, February 14, 2011

oh the men in my life

Oh the Men in my Life
a ballad

Today is the day where we celebrate love
chocolate and hearts, a kiss and hug

To get a reminder about how I am blessed
with the guys in my life who make it the best

The first of the men to capture my heart
was my dear ole dad, who's really quite sharp

He is funny and kind and changes my oil
he loves my momma, to her he is loyal

My brother came next: a one of a kinder
he's a strong, hugging, tall, Army fighter

My amazing husband, who I've know for a decade
Our fun way of loving is not a charade.

He's my main squeeze, my constant supporter
he's smart, and driven, and our laundry sorter

When I married my hubby, I got even more
men in my life who I truely adore

My father-in-law like a bright ray of sun
Makes everything better and twice as much fun

I also inherited Travis and Carter
who are adventureous, sweet, and make me laugh harder

My four legged men are maybe the best
Samson and Ez's love pass the test

Lucky to be their daughter, sister, wife
Oh the Men in my life

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