Sunday, February 6, 2011


A summary of the last 2 weeks:

1. We've been lots of car loading and unloading. I always say this..but next time we move, I'm hiring someone to do the lifting.

2. Because of the moving thing we've been in the transition with cable/tv/internet service. It's amazing how much you can get done without the distraction of media.

3. It's also because of the move-in the snow- that I think I'm running a fever and sound like I have whooping cough

4. I started Weight Watchers with a couple of friends a two weeks ago. The first week I lost 4 pounds, I weigh in tomorrow to see how much I lost this week.

5. Trev has gotten right in the Weight Watchers spirit, eating every I can't.


  1. I've been doing the WWW thing too. I comes off a lot slower as you get older. I'm afraid I have gained as I have eaten like a bear going into hibernation. I'm sorry, but snow days = good things cooked slowly in pots and topped with cheese, or baked in the over and eaten hot with butter. The scale will not be my friend. But I'll get back to it!

  2. I'm working on the losing weight project myself, but I'm trying the diet and exercise route - lots of exercise. It's amazing how motivated you can get to go to the gym when you know you're spending $30 on it every month whether you like it or not. Just remember, weight won't stay off unless you make permanent changes to your diet...and restricting too much means that you're more tempted to splurge.

  3. Uhhh... weight watchers makes me go insane. I tried it in college. (Of course, I'm sure eating the way I do would probably make you go insane. So I'm glad its working for ya!) You've always been a bird-like eater so it's probably not even that hard for you, is it? :)