Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good News

Since my last few updates have been void of good news, I thought I'd dedicate this post to what's going great in my life.

  • Trevor got a much awaited letter today. His interview letter from Southwestern in Weatherford, OK. We've been waiting for it since Mid-Feb. When it came today in the mail, we were both ecstatic. After he goes in for his interview, we should hear if he is accepted or not by the first of May.

  • I'm excited to try out my new couponing skills this evening. I've picked out four deals, all should come out costing me nothing. (I'll keep you updated)

  • We got to visit with my Carter and Robyn (Trev's older brother and family) last night. I miss the days of seeing our brothers every day. I especially love getting to see my newest nephew, who has bright red hair and looks like his Uncle Trevor!

  • We found out Trevor has Easter off work.

  • I am very optimistic about actually signing my contract for next year before summer. Even though this is my third year of teaching, I've never signed a contract BEFORE summer... due to moves and changing districts.

  • All the Q-tips Samson ate last night...didn't hurt him. As proof I found them all whole today.. I won't tell you where. It was interesting to say the least. (Trevor almost puked)

on that note i'm off... BHow

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  1. Yay for good news! I started coupon-ing again, too!