Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maxine and Me

Sap Warning: If you don't like sentiment...stop now.

July 26, 2008 I legally became a Howard. As our 3rd anniversary approaches I've been reflecting on when I really became a Howard. When Trevor and I started dating in June 2004, I had already known his family for years. It was a fairly easy (most of the time) transition from friend to girlfriend.

I married into a strong, close family. A family that put a lot of stock in it's history. A family where grandparents were highly involved and respected and loved. I quickly heard story after story of the impact that Grandma and Grandpa had on Trevor, and the whole family. (I should add that I remember attending Trevor's grandpa's funeral before we were dating, and I had met his grandma on a few occations) That being said, I didn't 'know' either of them other than the stories, memories, and home movies that I saw. I wanted so badly to have known these two that had such an impact on Trevor's life, and the man he became.

Trevor's Grandma, Maxine

For my college graduation, Tammy had asked what I wanted and I told her that it would be really neat if she would copy down some of the recipes that Grandma made for me to try out. Tammy will tell you, she doesn't love cooking. (though she's good at it) I didn't want these memories to die out with Trevor, I wanted our kids to be able to feel connected to great grandparents they would never know. So for my college graduation present Tammy gave me this cook book filled with family treasures, along with Maxine's rolling pin. To this day, it's the most important possession I own.

It may sound silly, but I feel like I know Maxine a little better as I bake more and more things out of it. I think she would be happy to know that her love of cooking and family are being preserved.

For Christmas 2010, I got a little more 'bonding' time in with Trevor's grandma as I pieced together this quilt. Tammy had given me the squares from an old box of her mom's before we got married. They had been sitting in my closet for a few years because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with them. When Carter (Trevor's oldest brother) had his first baby, the first Howard grandbaby, I knew what I needed to do. Trevor and I gave Tammy this quilt for Christmas to use with all her grandchildren. I think it's a neat 4 generations thing.

Here are Connor and Audrey trying out the quilt! I love how happy they look.

So this while long, long post to say, I may have signed my name Mrs. Howard on July 26, 2008 but me 'becoming' a Howard has been a journey that I would trade for anything. I am so lucky to be welcomed into an incredible family who not only shares today with me, but also the past, and future.

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