Sunday, January 8, 2012

all things medical...

Oh 2012... I wonder what you will be the year of?? If you ask my students they will loudly resound that 2012 is the year of 'NO EXCUSES'!!! (I might have told them it was law made by the President.) Opps.
It's been going well, anytime I hear an excuse, I say 'oh...what was that... maybe you forgot that it's 2012... that's the year of ...what students? what's 2012 the year of??? .... and then they shout "No EXCUSES" and then we carry on with our day.
So since I'm owning this year of no excuses, I made a dr's appointment. First off, I hate paying for a doctor to tell me what I already know.
So I made a doctors appointment because the whiter patches of my skin have recently started getting little red blisters or bumps on them...but they itch like the dickens! So I couldn't put it off any longer. I knew my doc was going to have to send me to a dermatologist. Which is exactly what he said, 'yep it's worse, I'll refer you'. He was probably in my room a total of 4 minutes. There when $25.
So on Monday I'll be scheduling my appointment with the dermatologist. Wonder what they will tell me. It's weird to me this 'virus' I have only affects my right side, only really affects my ribcage up, and until now didn't bother me. But my parents have been bugging me to get it taken care there it excuses.
My pinkie is also all messed up from a moving accident a year ago...I'll see an orthopedic surgeon after I get my skin taken care of.
A positive point of the doctor's office is I got a new official weight on my profile. The nurse was walking me right past the scale and I demanded to be weighed. (She looked at me like I'd lost my mind) This was the only fun part of the whole visit. I climbed on that scale and let er rip. 142lb! That is 25 pounds less than I weighed the last time I was there. When the nurse muttered the old number, Trevor almost passed out.... he said the best thing 'where were you hiding all that?'
I'm pretty sure I'm almost down 30lbs from my heaviest, (when I didn't weigh myself) I went through yesterday and got rid of some of the clothes I've had around since high school. I'm loving my size 7 if I can just enjoy it a bit and not end up pregnant...I'll be happy. So here's the most recent picture I've been in.
Ezra's second birthday. That's his pupcake. I can tell my face and stomach are smaller. I think my upper arms are too.
Here's a side by side of 2 pictures taken of me and my cousin VRUM. The black and white one is from mid 2011 and the color one is from about a week ago.
Hope you're new year is blessed!


  1. Well, 2011 was my medical year - nose surgery, a ICU stay, allergy testing, X-rays/bone scan for my hurt foot, all in two months. Thank goodness for insurance. I still got stuck with all the co-pays and about $1000 of things insurance didn't cover, but through the grace of God I'll have finished paying it off in another two weeks. So I hear ya on the medical thing!

    And I could tell you've lost weight. It makes me want to get a move on and go jogging. How did you do it? Were you trying or was it just as a result of your insane schedule?

  2. Uh oh... I think you might have shingles. I'll be interested to hear what the derm tells you. It'd be no wonder too... it only shows up in someone this young if they're under extreme stress or overload, which I would say you are.