Friday, April 6, 2012

a shot in the stomach

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist. This was 2 years coming. I saw my PCP (primary care physician) 3 times, went through 2 referals, and waited 2 more months to get  in.  I was really afraid as I walked in the office, that all of that work and time would end in him telling me nothing was wrong, and that I would just have to deal with changing colors :).  I was also the only patient under the age of 70 in the office. 

As his nurse asked me questions, I started feeling more at ease. She listened and wrote a lot of what I told her. Dr. J came in a few moments later. He asked me much of the same questions again, but it was harder to answer this time because he immediately started pushing on all the whiter spots on my arm. He also just lifted the side of my shirt up to look at the white on my back and stomach.  He put on a few different pairs of glasses to look at it in different lights and magnifications.  He then stood and told me he wanted to take a biopsy. Then he left again.

The nurse came back in to prep me for the biopsy.  She gave me about 5 shots in the stomach! ouch!!!!! I felt every one. and. they. hurt. bad. The nurse told me they were going to hurt worse because I didn't have much stomach fat...:)   Then the nurse asked if I had any questions. I was thinking I haven't heard any information to have questions about.

The doctor came back and took a hole punch of skin from my stomach. Then left again.

By this point I was wondering if I was going to get any information.

He came back and the nurse told me how to care for my stitches in my stomach. He then started rattling off all this information super fast. He told me his thought process was that it was one of two conditions (assuming the biopsy comes back with nothing) and that both were very rare. He said I would most likely have to go before a board of dermatologists to be examined. He said that neither condition will cause me any serious health issues, but neither would be easy to reverse. 

So in seven to ten days, I 'should' know more.


  1. I love how you smile after the "The nurse told me they were going to hurt worse because I didn't have much stomach fat."

  2. I talked to Chris about this and he has no idea, just like everyone else. And on a completely unrelated note, you keep describing the "new you" and I'm having trouble picturing it! A visit must occur soon :)