Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Mrs. B

It's my BF's birthday and she won't answer her phone...so I'm left with two options: the ever popular facebook post, or a blog entry.  Since I think she's way more awesome then a one-line 'Happy Birthday', I chose the latter.

Lindsey possesses qualities that make her my ideal friend... here's a few
1. She isn't dramatic. She tells it like it is.  I appreciate this more then she will ever know!  There's no wondering how or what she's thinking.
2. She is super talented-- she can play sports, teach great lessons, and is so funny
3. She understands my love of VistaPrint, Sonic, and my dogs. (because she feels the same way about her dogs)
4. She loves Jesus, her husband, and her family. We both have brothers who are adventurous...so we get each other
5. She's always up for anything..a craft project, a new TV series, a random road trip
6. I can call her with nothing specific to talk about
7. She is competitive but doesn't always have to win

So that's off the top of my head. I miss my college roommate, and wish I could see her way more often.  I love that we are traveling this part of life - College- Marriage-Teaching- someday motherhood together.

Lindsey, Happy Birthday friend! I can't wait to see what year 27 holds! I'm glad you're embarking on it before me :)

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