Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We made it


Settled in from our sixth move....we made it
Starting a 2nd year of Pharmacy School...we made it
Interviewing for a 3rd school district in 5 years... we made it
Training our pups to only potty outside...we made it
Thriving through financal strains ...we made it
Two years without a dish washer....we made it
Living countries and states away from our family...we made it
Becoming an Aunt and Uncle... we made it
Working multiple jobs at once... we made it
Living in near camping conditions... we made it
Mowing with a weed-eater...we made it



I can't believe 8 years ago I was graduating High School.  I was swept up in you then, and I'm swept up in you today. It's not any special date or anniversary.  My favorite line in our wedding vows, I promise to love you in the ordinary moments, applies today.  A day of laundry, "mowing", cooking, and Big Bang Theory. It's these ordinary moments that make me thankful I'm your wife. I love you!

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  1. Wow, it was really eight years ago you graduated high school? Time does fly. I remember watching it - gosh, I felt so awkward being there! And I remember the rest of us quietly (but lovingly!) snickering at you and Trevor on the trip to New Mexico and Colorado - it was so blatantly obvious that you two were crazy about each other even though neither of you would openly admit it. Life rarely turns out the way you planned it, but it turns out beautifully all the same. Your future holds great things (I sound like a fortune cookie).