Saturday, August 4, 2012

If that isn't love...

A husband agrees to drive cross country with his in-laws on his 4th anniversary

Tire blows 2 hours into the trip

A calm husband fixes the tire

Said Anniversary is celebrated over a McChicken while waiting for a new tire

...and that was only 2 hours into a 20 hour trip!

Continue the trip towards the promise-land (ie the grandkids) after picking up two more key players.

Deal gracefully with Mom who's using her ipad as a flash light to look at her atlas.

After a million miles in the car we made it to this messy face:

And his sister who LOVES her Uncle Trevor (who was a bit under the weather)

We spent a long weekend at the beach, playing trains, and wearing multiple dresses

Then we turned around and drove another million miles home to these boys

If that isn't love....I don't know what is.

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