Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Year 4

... at this very moment 4 years ago I was at my rehersal for my wedding.  I remember lots of things about that evening.  Running around, Arlene organizing, my grandparents beaming, my handsome brother home from a deployment.  My sister-in-law announced she was pregnant with David. 

I've learned a few things about Mr. H in the past 4 years..

1.  He can't listen to the same radio station for an entire song. I'm talking about constant changing of the channels. It drives me crazy.  I frequently say to him .. "pick one"  and I've also been known to count the number of times he switches.  His view is that there might be a better song on another station. When he's not in the car I leave it on the same station the entire trip.

2. He doesn't want to live an average life.  Whether it's his plan on where we should live, what he wants to do for a living, organizations we should start, business plans that could be put in place...he's a dreamer.  He wants to live boldly and uniquely.  I admire this.

3. He's growing into a 'child person'.  Having never been around children he's slowly getting used to them as our friends and family members have babies.  He's still pretty hesitant to show this skill, but he loves our niece, Kaia, to bits.

4. He can do lots of things he prefers to let me handle.  (Cooking, Dishes, Cleaning, etc)  But he does do all our laundry. He sorts, washes, hangs on the line, fold/hangs and puts away.  I think that's a fair trade.

5.  He makes up funny songs to sing to the dogs.  I always smile when I'm getting out of the shower and he's on the bed singing a random silly song to Ezra. 

I think I'll keep him.


  1. This is a good one. Happy 4 years, B.Rum and T.How!!!

  2. Happy day! Maybe one day I will get to meet this awesome guy. =)