Thursday, January 2, 2014

8 months/Christmas

Two days before Christmas Miles turned 8 months old.  Like the stellar parent I am, I'm not sure I took a picture of him on his exact 8 month 'birthday'.  We were too busy enjoying driving the 6 hours to Springfield to celebrate Christmas. This is for sure: the older Miles gets, the more difficult he is in the car. Naps he took as a wee baby are replaced by dropping toys, then crying for said toy.

But, we made it. We celebrated with my parents on Christmas Eve, like we do every year. Once again my mother came through with matching pajamas, complete with ones she made for David, Kaia, and Miles. Please ignore what a hot mess I appear to be in the picture. I was running to get in the photo while my parents and brother tried to convince David and Kaia to stay in the picture.  I can only hope that these photos get easier as the kiddos get older. :) Oh, and a quick note about my capri pj pants: my mom ran out of material, so Miles pants got made out of the bottoms of mine.
On Christmas day we went to Trevor's parents and Miles again enjoyed opening presents. After we had breakfast we drove to Conway to see my grandma and my mom's extended family. We came home and took naps. Miles decided to not sleep well the night before (I would soon figure out why) and we were all tired. We hung around with our parents until Saturday when we drove to KC to have Christmas with my Grandparents and Dad's side of the family.  As Miles continued to sleep bad, we found, he had his first tooth! It's the bottom left and it's impossible to take a picture of. So, you will just have to trust me that he has it.
Miles also learned to give 'kisses' over the holiday. And they give new meaning to the word. Full on, open  mouth, committed kisses. And the recipient is COVERED in baby drool by the end of it.
New Years Eve, Trevor's brother & family along with his mom came to Oklahoma to celebrate Howard Christmas. Sadly, his dad wasn't feeling well and had to stay in Missouri.  Fun was had completely covering our 900 sq foot house in wrapping paper, presents, and people.
It was a great holiday season, one that I hope Miles will be able to look back at pictures and be told about as he grows. One thing is for sure, there's not shortage of love and blessings in this boy's life.
(More pictures to come as soon as my mom or mother-in-law posts some...I left my camera memory card securely in the laptop, and took our  empty camera to Missouri)

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