Friday, March 21, 2014

Dear Hazel - 23 Weeks Pregnant

Dear Hazel,

Good grief, I swear you have ultrasound pictures that prove your in there, and that you are in fact a girl but here's the deal: when we picked out this laptop we chose one that didn't have a cd drive. All your ultrasound pictures are carefully stored to download someday. I'm pretty sure it's either in the car, or my purse, or the dining room.  It's not in a cd case because Dr. H ran out of them. 

You will find out soon enough that your mom is very concerned about important things (like shaping you into a respectful, kind person) and not concerned at all about non-important things (like washing baby socks). That being said I've done a horrible job at documenting this pregnancy.  Know that you make your presence known and we talk about you constantly.  You something of a wild child in my stomach and seem to sit right on the part of my pelvis that hurts when I move.

Despite my lack of keeping track, we love you dearly already and your arrive is much anticipated. Please wait until we get moved though.


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