Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Break Catch-up

Since it's been 24 days since my last blog post, here is a short recap of what's been going on. 

Fall break:
We went home home (Southwest Missouri) for Fall Break.  Oh the leaves. The cool breeze. Our people. Every time I make this trip I do not want to return to Oklahoma. Not one tiny bit. Trevor and I grumble the whole way home, 'is it May yet?'.  It's just so good for us and the kiddos to be home.  Seeing Miles with his grandparents seals the deal for me.  Miles adores his Papa Ward.  *This could be because Papa Ward gives him EVERYTHING he wants*  That's what Papas are supposed to do. Miles is devastated for days after we return home. Grandparent detox is real, I promise.

We also spent some time with Miles and Hazel's cousins.  This is probably a very close second to why we are excited to be home.  I love the idea of my kids growing up with their cousins.  David is SO good with Miles.  He makes him laugh harder than anyone else.  Kaia loves to 'mother' Miles and Hazel.  I can't wait until they can call run around together. My brother and sister-in-law are raising some great kids.
Miles turned 18 months a few days ago. A year and a half! Wow! He has an increasing vocabulary.
His favorite words are: Papa, Baby, Uh oh, here ya go, and thank you. He can mimic and repeat most of the things I ask him to, but he only uses 10-15 words for his own benefit.  He also can put shapes in the right holes on his shape sorter and stack blocks on top of each other. He loves to paint and draw and if he does something that makes you laugh, he keeps doing it to get the same reaction. He also loves his sister, sometimes too much.
Hazel is nearly 4 months old.  She is one strong girl. She holds her head up like a pro, rolls both directions, can tri-pod sit for a few seconds and needs to be part of the action all the time. We recently switched her to a convertible car seat, instead of the newborn ones you carry.  She loves it. She likes that she can sit up straighter and higher. She no longer screams every time we are in the car. She also started riding in the stroller with Miles without the car seat insert. She basically thinks she can do anything Miles can do. She drools and chews on her hands a lot more than I remember Miles doing.


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