Saturday, October 4, 2014

3 Months in the books


Technically your 3 month birthday isn't until Tuesday, but let's all pause a moment and give me credit for 1. posting about your 3rd month milestone and 2. doing it early.

Okay. Girl, you are incredible.  Yes, we had a bit of a rocky start with you crying all the time, but you have since redeemed yourself.  You can roll, hold your neck up, sit up in your bumbo, sleep in your own crib, nap regularly, eat like a champ, sleep through the night, deal with your brother 'loving' you, and you're usually happy.  You decided that instead of shrieking for dinner you should just smack your lips until I feed you.  I appreciate this cue you give me.  You also are so over chilling in your rock and play. You need to be on the floor where the action is. You also hate being cradled, you want to sit straight up and see what's going on. You seriously have such a little attitude about what you want and when you want it. Heaven help us.
You do pretty well when we go places.  You ride in the baby carrier most of the time when we grocery shop, eat out, or go fun places like the zoo, fair, or pumpkin patch. This is why there aren't a lot of pictures of you at those places. Here is a picture of you at the pumpkin patch. This is the top of your head by the sign for Hazel the horse.

In the next month it would really be nice if you decided you like your carseat and bottles again. Thanks.


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