Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bluejay turned Cowgirl

After my first day of technology training for the Mid-Del district, I'm super excited! They have so many more resources that I can see myself using on a daily basis. Smartboard, Airliner, Document Camera, Edusoft, an awesome gradebook, online benchmarks etc.

I've also met some incredibly welcoming people. Each teacher at HP is so friendly. You literally can't walk by a classroom without the teacher inside coming out and chatting. It's really a breath of fresh air.

That being said, I miss the quirks of my friends at GUES. I feel like the farther I get into my teaching career at HP the less I will remember some of my first teacherfriends. So here's my attempt to capture them for myself for the years to come. Names have been coded :) Kinda.

LR- Mrs. Professional. Always in control of her demeanor. Helpful in a mature way. Keeps her emotions in check..except when in teaching meetings. Hard to explain things to, but just because she had put so much thought into her stance. Leader

JG- GIGI! Never met a person she didn't like. Very nurturing. Tries hard to keep up with new things. Always willing to take on a challenge. Legend. Vanilla coke Lover

CL- Tough nut to crack. Friendly when you make the first effort. Very knowledgable but not very understanding. Passionate about high standards. Old School

WK- Always walking fast. Helper to the brand new. Pulled in many directions. In the office voicing opinions. Strict

BK- Quiet in big groups. In control of her kids. Mature for her age. First a mom and wife and new home owner. Flexible

HJ- Artistic. Fun activities. Best wall decorations. All around teacher. Innovative ideas. Fair. Does what is best for the students. Hard-working

RL- Grouchy but loveable. So Funny. Thinks the world is out to get her. Worksheet queen. Retired.

Now, I know that I left off a certain two teachers..so if you two are reading this...its because I know we will remain friends...so I'll get to see your amazing personalities all the time! And feel free to help me add to my list. :) See you two Friday.


  1. Wow, I am really going to miss your presence there and those two other teachers...their move will be felt.

    I am soooooo jealous of all your new toys! But you know, they could give you a stick to draw in the dirt with and you would rock those kids' world.

    Love HJ ;)

  2. I was starting to feel a little sad when I didn't see my "code name", but after reading why...I'm glad I was left off the list :) I'm so excited for the new opportunity you'll experience, but really sad that I won't hear your 'good morning' each day. Most of all, I'll miss your mood-warnings...I suppose I'll have to figure that one out on my own ;) Good luck, friend. I look forward to hearing of your adventures!