Thursday, November 11, 2010

Guess whose Birthday is tomorrow???

You're right! Trevor's! Man, I seriously got so lucky when I married this guy! So, In honor of my big man's 24th birthday, here is his list of 24 interesting facts/best qualities/things you should know.
(in no order)
1. He's the middle kid...and a very middle kid. He's a total people pleaser..which words well for me.
2. He loves his family, oh man he loves them! He is probably the best child ever.
3. He is very outdoorsy. He loves to hike, climb, and fish. I wish he could do it more often.
4. He's smart! Mr. Science himself, I don't even understand the coarse descriptions anymore.
5. He's a hard worker. He works hard at his job and takes pride in his good job and happy customers.
6. He loves his puppies. He sings nightly to Samson and Ezra in bed. He is so excited to see them when he gets home, and asks how they are when he is at work.
7. He is flexible. He lets me dress the dogs, he lets me buy the groceries I want, he lets me pick what's on tv, most of the time...
8. He knows a little about everything...taking after his father and father-in-law
9. He loves the holidays. He loves the food, family, and tradition that go along with this time of year.
10. He get embarrassed when he gets bragged on. Or when people bring attention to him. His cheeks turn red.
11. He smiles more than anyone I know. His smile is my favorite thing.
12. He is funny. He keeps me laughing most of the time. Even if I'm so mad, he can make me laugh.
13. He keeps me focused on what's important. He reminds me that tomorrow will come, and we will be there together.
14. He tries his best. He is the best husband to me, the best student, and the best son
15. He is a closet nerd
16. He is younger than me and I'm fine with that.
17. He's never knows the right thing to say, and will admit it.

18. He likes to travel, and is the perfect person to balance out my scheduled self.
19. He's a great friend to many
20. He doesn't ever bring up the faults in people.
22. He is a perfect balance of strength and openness
23. He tells me he loves me many times each day. He's never afraid to tell me how crazy he is about me.
24. He's Mine!

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