Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Out Of The Mouth of.... me

It's been a while since I updated you on the crazy things that I say..on an hourly basis. So I payed attention today of what came out of my mouth. enjoy.

- "You may say, "no Thank-You" if you don't want to have this snack. No we are not choosing what snack we get. Yes, I know this is America. Yes I know you are free."

- "Where do you want to go? Huh? Where? Look at me while you speak. Okay, even if you have to 'wiz' you must ask to use the restroom. If you 'wet yourself a puddle,' it's going to be a big mess to clean up, and the other students might laugh. Well please quit dancing around and grabbing yourself, and just ask to be excused."

- "Why did you kick Helayna? Okay, Why did you hit Helayna with your foot? Does she know your dad? If she doesn't know him, how does she know that he is fat and dumb? That doesn't make any sense. Please keep all your body parts to yourself. Yes, even your belly.

- " It doesn't matter whose face is the darkest. No it doesn't matter whose arm is the darkest. Yes, I know that I'm the lightest in here. No, it doesn't bother me"

- That's called a vein. No, I'm not sick. I know you can see it thru my skin... why? You can see it through my skin because my skin is lighter than yours. No, that is not racist...that's simply a fact.

- Please name an animal that is a vertebrate. No, an orgasm is not a vertebrate. I think the word you are searching for is organism.

- Please put your leg down off the desk before you show me that you can flap your belt strap. Why? It looks awkward. Why? Because people don't usually swing their hips while their leg is on their desk. Put it down now. I don't care if it stretches your leg muscle. It looks weird.


  1. Another Helayna? Oh boy... ;)

  2. I love these types of posts from you...things that you say. Cracks me up every time :)