Monday, December 13, 2010

Howard Happenings...

I really do live the life of a boring grandma most of the time, not that I am complaining. Here are the latest things of note in my life.

1. I am forcing my students to finish their benchmark tests (tests to see what they have learned this nine weeks) in two days. Last time I stretched it to four days, and that was a huge mistake. We'll see how this time turns out

2. Ezra had leg surgery around 3 weeks ago. He hasn't been showing any discomfort, but has still not regained use of his right hip. Until today. I caught him touching his foot on the ground! This is exciting, it means I didn't put my pup through surgery for no reason. (He had a fused hip from birth)

3. There our 4 school days left until Christmas Break

4. I am doing laundry in preperation for our Trips to Missouri and Colorado. This is usually T's job, but he's working extra this week.

5. It's so cold on our apt that the tv won't turn on. We are using a radiant heater (I think that is what it's called) It heats our apt really well, but it take a bit to get going.

6. I just yelled "Trevor!" at Samson. oops.

7. Trevor and I got our ski coats for our ski trip. 16 dollars each at Ross. I'm excited.

8. I spent the entire day yesterday baking Christmas cookies/candy that I then gave away, without eating any.

9. I'm really glad my grades are all in, so this week we can do Christmas Crafts. I will say this, 3rd graders like a good Christmas craft better than 6th graders.

10. I know I lead an interesting life... you don't have to tell me :D


  1. $16 ski jackets?! Score!!!

    We are benckmarking today and tomorrow. Fun!

    I promise, I will update both blogs this week. I need to show you the nutcrackers my kids made. Really cute!

  2. 5. I never heard of it being to cold for the TV to turn on!

    6. LOL

    7. I thought Berlin was buying your ski clothes...

    8. Way to go. I'm impressed. But wait, you didnt even eat ONE ginger cookie?!